Is this an oil line (high pressure) or vapor?

Discussion in '308/328' started by cavallo_nero, Dec 4, 2019.

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    Good question but a lot of R9 marked hose is just junk. Big difference between a carb feed line and a supply hose full of gas 24/7 like the pump supply hose.

    Hose could very well be like brake fluid or a lot of other things. I know from experience that not all DOT4 brake fluid boils at the same temperature, not by a long shot. ATE vs Mercedes fluid is a good example. Mercedes out performs ATE fluid by a very big margin. Some probably just pass the tests and others pass by a lot.

    I have been using a lot of hose from industrial suppliers, not so much made for over the counter retail purposes. It seems that kind of product is far too often made to be low priced to attract buyers where industrial suppliers are far more performance oriented.
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    At this occasion I just want to describe an experience I had around 15 years ago. When the FPM/ECO DIN 73379-3E fuel hoses were fairly new I purchased a few metres from Conti, who advertised them extensively as being OEM on the SLR-McLaren.
    Always looking for the best fuel hoses since a broken line spoiled my holiday trip with my poor student's car many years ago I was impressed and I installed the 'SLR McLaren hoses' on the 308.

    Being still dry and tight and looking good inside, after a few years they got nastily sticky on the outside and were smelling like vinegar. And it must have been something like vinegar acid, what escaped from the outer ECO layer, because steel parts which were in permanent contact, did badly rust. I didn't use stainless clamps back then but just zinc plated ones. They were all rusted so badly as if the car has seen winter saIt.
    At a few spots, where the long hose from the pump up to the carbs had contac with the green Cavis Benz PVC vent hoses, which I had replaced just a few years ago and still being green and looking good overall, those were discolored dark brown. It only applied to the hotter regions around the carbs and near the front head. Down there in the pump region the hose was still o.k.
    I asked Conti and sent them a sample, but never got a reply.

    Best from Germany
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    GT Auto Parts, part number 106981, a whopping 30 bucks. the hose has a double curve to it also, Makes for a sooper fit!!
    see pics, along with some shiny go fast parts.
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