is the bubble due to burst?

Discussion in 'Vintage Ferrari Market' started by PFSEX, Jan 18, 2013.

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    The LaFerrari hammered at $2,800,000; the screen shot posted is the all-in price. So it's not just shy of $3.4, it's just over $3 million... Also, don't forget that the consignor would have netted significantly less than the hammer price as the auction likely could take their pick of LaFerrari consignments and is unlikely to be very flexible on their typical 10% seller fee.

    It's not at all surprising that you could sell several LaFerraris if you had a buyer at $3.3... If there's a buyer at $3.3 out there for a standard coupe (I bet there isn't), they should be able to buy any car they want.

    The TDF is owned by a dealer... Same deal with the LaFerrari - doubtful there would be any break on seller fees and the selling dealer no doubt figured they could do better from their showroom than their net from the auction.
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    You are right about the laFs price. Hammer price used to report the price at the hammer now it seems they pull the feed from the websites which include the comission.

    You are wrong about the typical fee.

    Very common to net the selling price and pay no fee... or even get a contribution back... especially there is 300k on the buy side to chop up. SAME WITH THE TDF
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    RedBlossoms mapped the market since Y1999.
    In the 'Classic Ferrari Value Development Report 2018' the correlation between value development and several characteristics of models is analyzed. Besides 'age', 'number of cars on the market', 'engine type' etc, also 'value'.

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    go to settings in the hammer price app and there you can switch between showing prices with or without buyer premiums

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