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    (A) I didn't even know McL was building it's own engines ('don't really follow the supercar scene); 'thought they still used Bimmers... Where do they build 'em?

    (B) Same as anybody else that puts their name on a race car...exposure, no?

    (C) What would be in it for Honda then? They're in it for the exposure too. For example, Chapman didn't/couldn't stick "Lotus" on the Climaxes, BRMs or Cosworths when it was footin' it's own bill to sell it's cars.

    (D) No. Most people that follow F1 know that the engine (in cases of teams that outsource them; most...) have naught to do with the company's technological capability and are interested in McL's tech, already quite aware that they're not going to find a Honda in the back.

    'Just instincts...'not in the biz... :)
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    Well, all you have to do is go to your local McLaren dealership and see under the bonnet for yourself. They used
    BMW V12 motors for the F1s of the mid-late 90s in BPM and FIA GT. These were the same engines that were in
    the BMW LMR V12 cars that won at Sebring and Le Mans in 1999.

    McLaren touts itself as a derived-from-racing technology company a-la Ferrari. If they're utilizing Honda or Renault
    engines in F-1 and Honda PUs in Indy Car, how is that advancing their own road-going technology? If their entry into
    Indy Car was to solely (be) a branding exercise, there are about a dozen other ways they may accomplish that using their
    own badged engines. Since it's not happening, the point is rather moot anyway.

    Honestly, all this engine swapping with McLaren and the resulting debacle that their F-1 has become only diminishes
    their glorious history. Now that they're in the road-going car market, they'd better start acting like it and put their own
    engines in their own cars.
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    'All very impressive. I know the history 'til aboot 15 years ago.

    You didn't address, and all l I asked was, my not knowing, where do they build their own engines? :shrug:
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    Rumors have it, Mexico City for Indycar may be confirmed post F1 race this weekend.

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