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Discussion in 'Other Racing' started by TeamF1Jr, Feb 7, 2020.

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    Oct 25, 2006
    Halo and Aero Screen?
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    May 23, 2011
    88 test feed is up and running. Looks cold and rainy, not much track action yet, but good to see open wheel racing start the 2020 season.
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    William Denoyelles
    "If at first you don't succeed, persevere".

    It looks like McLaren gave up at the first hurdle, but it must be said that it was mostly the Alonso Show then.
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    Nov 8, 2003
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    Live feed of pre-season testing at COTA. Jimmie Johnson flew from Daytona to be there today with the McLaren team. He drops that he wants to race in Indycar in 2021, but road courses only.

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    And Bruce's 7 years in F1 (w/Cooper) before forming his own team is just a figment of my imagination, too, eh? Or should he have just jumped right in then too? ;)
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    Yes...but Fred wasn't as much of the problem. Fred now has his own problem. Another Fredless 500 appears to be on the horizon.

    Fred has not learned the three basics of business.
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    Barton Workman
    Location, location, location?

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    1st rule is the "Golden Rule"...he who has the gold makes the rules.

    2nd rule...when in doubt, always refer to rule number one.

    3rd rule... never and i repeat never bit the hand that feeds.

    Fred has skated nicely thru the years. But his comments about the manufacturers has now begun to melt the ice around him. Fred may find himself on the outside looking in after he takes a swim in the pool of no engine suppliers.

    Fred has bit one too many hands.
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    Nov 8, 2003
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    Here is the Penske plan for the Indy 500, this came out yesterday.

    Indianapolis 500 Purse

    The event purse for the 104th Indianapolis 500 will be the largest in the history of the event. The purse will grow by $2 million to more than $15 million, boosting the prize pool for NTT INDYCAR SERIES teams and drivers.

    Indianapolis 500 Qualifying

    Qualifying weekend for the 104th Indianapolis 500 -- Saturday, May 16 and Sunday, May 17 -- will feature a variety of changes to its format and broadcast to create even more memories and drama.

    Multiple attempts will return to the Last Row Shootout, expanding it to 75 minutes. Previous versions of the Shootout featured one attempt per car. While fans enjoyed that format, feedback indicated they wanted even more drama as drivers try to seize one of the three final spots in the field.

    A boost in turbocharger level will see speeds climb this year during the Indianapolis 500 qualifying sessions. Turbocharger boost will increase horsepower by 45 horsepower this year.

    An expanded weekend TV schedule will ensure NBC televises coverage of qualifications on both Saturday and Sunday, with total network exposure increasing over 2019. Full weekend broadcast details will be released soon.

    New Sponsors

    The NTT INDYCAR SERIES and IMS will add six new major sponsors in 2020. Pennzoil, Verizon, Snap-on Tools, DEX Imaging, Road & Track magazine and Global Medical Response will make significant investments in the racing series and Speedway.

    Multimillion-Dollar Fan Experience Investment

    The 100th running of the Indianapolis 500 in 2016 saw large investments made to the Speedway. Beginning with this year’s GMR Grand Prix, fans will experience many new upgrades to IMS. These enhancements are all projects that will be finished before gates open, with several additional opportunities under consideration for future seasons.

    Technology upgrades are a major component of this plan. More than 30 additional large-screen video boards will be added, including 24 along the Paddock seating. The Paddock screens will bring race action and vital information to an additional 25,000 fans. In addition, all seven large infield big-screen monitors will receive a running order addition.

    Another exciting addition is the IMS Media Wall. This video board, measuring 100 feet wide by 20 feet tall, will be installed at the base of the Pagoda facing the Pagoda Plaza as a cornerstone of a plan to transform the popular gathering area for fans. It will also provide data-driven race insights to fans from NTT.

    Verizon and their 5G Ultra Wideband network will transform the iconic Speedway into a first of its kind technology-led entertainment complex. IMS will be the first motorsports facility with commercial 5G service that will enhance both the consumer experience and track operations.

    Infrastructure improvements will be noticeable inside and outside of the fabled, 110-year-old facility.

    Pedestrian traffic on Georgetown Road will be widened by two lanes to make ingress and egress easier for more than half of the venue’s Race Day customers.

    More than 125 restrooms are being renovated inside IMS. New pavement will be added to the Parcel B lot near the IMS Main Gate to improve the parking experience and create a cleaner look for the “front door” of the facility. Approximately 3 miles of fencing will be added to the entire grounds.

    The winning driver and team of the Indianapolis 500, Grand Prix and Brickyard 400 will receive higher honors, as the winner’s car will be elevated to the same level as the Victory Podium after each race. This will give fans a better vantage point for pictures and social media sharing of the most prestigious Victory Lane in global motorsports.

    The atmosphere of the massive facility also will be enhanced through detail-oriented improvements throughout IMS.

    Night light signage will be installed over Gates 1 and 2, while IMS will assume responsibility for the beautification project along Crawfordsville Road. Fans will notice fresh paint and new signage on more than 50 concession stands inside IMS, picnic tables added throughout the grounds for more gathering space for families and friends, and the placement of more than 230 racing-themed flags around the facility and Crawfordsville Road.

    All aspects of this fan experience investment plan are underway and will be completed before IMS gates open for the Month of May on Friday, May 8.
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    Almost as exciting as dry toast.
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    Willis B.
    While I (mostly) agree that 'Nando's problems are of his own making, he's still a top tier driver. He showed that with his one opportunity on the Andretti team. I sincerely hope he finds a competitive ride for this year's Indianapolis 500 Mile Race.
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    Those cars ARE BUTT UGLY!!!! :(
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    Dec 4, 2004
    It's always about money and for now he will bring more viewers and $ to the race so he'll get a seat. When that goes away, he goes away.
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    opposite lock
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    Marc Sonnery
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    First the cars, now the date. Is nothing sacred? :(

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    Is, Izzy for Australians
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    Dec 28, 2005
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    Life is sacred.

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