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    Weird fact about Texas property taxes: many rural areas have higher property tax rates than urban ones due to the lack of real estate development (smaller taxable base) to tax and the abundance of ag-exempt property which is taxed based on production value not highest use. The higher tax rates make it hard for rural areas to attract businesses to relocate to their area because the business's property taxes would be sky-high.
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    If you settle in Kerrville, 3 of the best driving roads are South/Southwest of there. Hwy 335,336, and 337; called the Twisted Sisters. Definitely bring your car.
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    Forgot to mention, Hwy 470 and 1050 are fun as well.
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    Overall tax load still far lower than most places anyone would actually want to live. Besides, he's in California, Texas taxes as a whole are walking around money compared to California.
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    Check out north of Dallas areas, Plano, Frisco surrounding areas.. Im in Plano, moved here from NJ 6 years ago and love it. Property taxes are less then half here then what they were back in NJ. As for weather, dry heat when its in the 100's is really not that bad, my pool gets to about 96 degrees during those days/week and although people may think that is hot tub water, after those same people that would complain of that actually jumped in they would then change their mind and say oh this is nice. Its a great area, check it out for yourself if you never been here.
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