I need some General Knowledge about Pick-up Trucks Culture

Discussion in 'General Automotive Discussion' started by dcmetro, Nov 17, 2016.

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    The current trend in lifted trucks is to have the front higher then the back. Called the California Lean or the Carolina Squat. It gives that appearance of the bad boy "bowed up" look.
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    My .02 cents is once you go diesel you ain't ever going back. My 1st love is my daily driver dodge ram 2500 megacab with ramboxes. 2nd is my maranello.
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    I have a '00 Ford F350 4x4 with the 7.3L Powerstroke diesel. When I got it, it had a front leveling kit to raise the front end to match the rear's higher end in an unloaded state. In stock form, the rear is higher when unloaded in anticipation of actually using the truck for its intended purpose. Load up the rear with weight, and the truck becomes level.

    Since I actually used my truck for its intended purpose, the front end pointed upwards, which is just stupid. So I removed the leveling kit and sold it to some other fool, I mean, truck enthusiast.

    Here's my truck's nose up attitude as I head off for a weekend of vintage car racing. This is with additional air springs in back. I think my truck is close to its GVWR here. Now, without the leveling kit, the truck has a level stance when loaded up similarly.
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    The Cali lean has been blowing up around here. Lift the front, lower the rear. Put lights in the wheels. I don't get it. But everyone has their thing.
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    Guys I need some vocabulary to find some infos I need (I am a surrender monkey)

    How do you call the part looking like a grille made of big mettalic tubes that you put in front of a truck to protect it ?

    And the kind of side sills used a step running on the sides of the truck ?

    Both parts are pictured below

    Thanks guys
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    Steve R
    Brush guards
    Running boards
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    That's a good looking truck. I think I'm going to lease an F150 XLT soon to see if I like having a truck and if I do, then I'll probably buy one with stuff that I want but didnt' realize I wanted til after my first experience with them (small accessory options for towing, etc).
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    Merci !!

    I saw a Dodge Ram yesterday... In the parisian aera you have more chances to see a pink unicorn singing death metal.
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    Go bug your local Ford dealers daily to try and get you one of these new ford raptor ranger. It's a small truck by us standards and comes with most of the mods people do to stock pick ups right from the factory. They are only being sold in Asia currently but they will be coming to the us when the ranger comes back to market here. It's smaller size would make it far more usable on European roads then a 1/2-1ton truck.
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