Hungary Race **spoiler**

Discussion in 'Other Racing' started by jknight, Aug 6, 2006.

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    ^They can only change an engine out of schedule (without penalty) if the engine is the cause of the failure. So, if Ferrari is supposed to run this engine 3 weeks from now they will still have to as far as I know.

    FA did have a hell of a drive (as mentioned above). I'm not crazy about him, but he did shine for sure. KR did a good job too, ran away with it for awhile. Hard to tell where Schumi was, out of the BStone drivers he definitely did well.

    Weight in the wet can be helpful. I'd venture to guess that Renault was using the fuel to balance the car, ie they can't change ride height, ballast, track width, etc. but saw that running a full tank would help brake bias or rear traction under acceleration.
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    thank you bret
    and yes FA was really impressive at the beginning of the race

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