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Discussion in 'Other Racing' started by jknight, Aug 6, 2006.

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    No A1, he was not disqualified because of tires. Maybe this is semantics, but the report clearly shows he was dq'd for being 2 kg underweight, no mention of tires. The thought is that possibly because of the wearing on his intermdiates, that loss of tread could account for the weight reduction, but the official reason was being underweight. There is nothing in the rulebooks to address the lack of tread on intermediates, only for dry's.
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    Yep. They renumbered.

    The concept of a "zeroith" law came from Asimov:
    ("Index origin zero" is a computer age concept.)

    "Robots and Empire" was 1985 -- After my college books were published. (There were only three laws, back then -- for both Robotics and Thermodynamics.)

    I hear they use "Lambda" instead of "Tau" for relativity, now, too.

    Of course, the old "obsolete" versions got us to the Moon.

    Where has the new version reached? :D (joke)
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    May 14, 2004
    Kubica has been stripped of his 7th position

    Massa new 7th
    Michael new 8th


    It was a very tough race to make a Grand Prix debut but despite a couple of spins in the very slippery conditions today in Hungary, Robert Kubica brought his BMW Sauber home in a fine seventh position.

    Sadly for the Pole, it has emerged this evening that post race scrutineering revealed that his car was 2 kilos under weight. The Stewards have therefore nullified his result and that promotes Felipe Massa up to seventh position with Michael Schumacher taking the final point for eighth.

    Should the championship go down to the wire, this single point may prove to be very valuable to Schumacher who was classified initially in ninth, despite not finishing the race.

    Fernando Alonso now leads Schumacher by ten points with five races remaining while Renault’s advantage over Ferrari is cut to seven points.

    © CAPSIS International

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    Just for fun, Steve Matchett is watching on a monitor, right?

    We are talking about MS's car, right?

    Yes to both.

    I just watched the replay on speed and concentrated on schumachers retirement. Matchett began yammering about steering wheel crap on the inroad to the pits because MS was doing something.

    When MS pulled into his pit spot and killed the engine, he was pushed forward and a mechanic leaned into the cockpit, GRABBED the wheel with ONE HAND and easily turned the wheel, WHICH ACTUALLY TURNED THE TIRES, MULTIPLE TIMES IN ORDER TO BACK THE CAR INTO THE PITS.

    1 hand with very little force applied easily and correctly turned the wheels without error. If his steering was damaged he risked the lives of everyone in pit lane by returning instead of parking. BS

    Watch it again w/o the rose colored glasses (half smiley)

    I will watch it again if it comes on but I saw NO rubbing or smoking if some of you say his front tires were aiming in 2 different directions. A car would be uncontrolable if both wheels fought each other.
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    Sorry, but I think you may be a bit confused. Read:
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    May 31, 2006

    this has nothing to do with the race... but is your name referring to mkultra the chicago hardcore band, or the government mind control deal? if its after the band, right on, dude.
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    On the replay, it looks like Ferrari needs to work on their weather chants. ;)

    They started on intermeds, expecting the track to dry, but it started raining again. Massa switched to full wets in time for the rain to stop. Massa did okay in the wet on full wet tires, as far as I can tell after he dropped out of the cameras. He also did pretty well on drys at the end. He just spent most of the race on the wrong tires.

    Michelin looks to have learned something from WRC, though, as it appears their tires could stand a wider range of wet than the Brickstones. The BS intermediate "wet" tires look to be only good through "a tad damp". It seems the full wet BSs are way slow in the dry too. The bubble boy intermeds appeared to work much better across the conditions of today's race.

    I was wondering about Alonso's pace at first, too. But all the top drivers on Michelin intermeds did pretty well. The Bstone boys just got mugged.

    Wanna bet that Flavio is looking up Hopi rain dances? :D
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    B. Ricks
    According to Schumaker, he broke the track rod during contact with Heidfeld.

    He takes full responsibility for the decision to stay out and try to retain a podium vs pitting.
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    Your right...nothing happened in the pits when he was being pushed back in. But imagine what could happen when your going 180mph!!! The forces made at those speeds are a million times more than when your being pushed backwards into the pits!!!
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    What a superb GP. I was logged on at the start of the race but had to put the computer down to concentrate on the race. All GPs should be this way.

    It was a bit of a dissapointment for Ferrari but it seems they have gained 3 points on the Constructors so all in all not so bad.

    Being British and owning a Honda made my day today. Well done Jensen and well deserved. He kept his head and the team had a good strategy.

    His win is as justified as many others this season. I hope this raises his spirits and we see more like it from him and Honda.
  11. Crawford

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    I don't ever remember hearing of a driver not finishing but still getting points.

    Did any of the Michelin drivers get points in the 2005 Indy race even though they never started??
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    Dr.Stuart Schaller

    If that is the case, he should have gotten a DQ for deliberately endangering others. In spite of his abilities, I dispise the man. He is just like Bush, anything to win, no matter who it hurts and what it costs others.
  13. imperial83

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    The Michelin drivers pulled out of the race and did not even start. That is the difference. They are classified as "WITHDREW"

    Michael started the race but the best he could do is finish in 8th position given that he completed more laps than the racers behind him.
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    I was watching as they wheels him into the pits and saw one of the mechanics turning right right front tyre, so who knows how well the steering was actually working.

    This is the most exciting race that I've seen to date and I was on the edge of my seat for almost the entire thing. I'm glad to see there wasn't a huge change in the championship standings, at least not a loss for Ferrari. Hopefully we can see some more wet races in the future, after Bridgestone polishes up it's act a bit tho.
  15. BMW.SauberF1Team

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    You have to complete a certain number of laps to be classified.
  16. Dubai Vol

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    Scot Danner
    To be classified, a driver must complete 90% of the race distance. So no, Michelin runners were not "classified" at Indy and thus not eligible for points. While points for a "classified" driver not running at the finish is unusual, it is not unique. I'm sure some other boffin can provide examples....
  17. BMW.SauberF1Team

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    ^I beat you by about 30 seconds! :p
  18. QT3141

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    :D In that case, you're right, old timer! LOL, just kidding.

    Yep, numbering from zero is very "computer-like", C language beginners have to get used to this.

    Lambda is the Lorentz factor (1/sqrt(1-v^2/c^2)), if I'm not mistaken beta was used to refer to its reciprocal (or am I thinking of something else)?

    Maybe we should continue our physical reminiscences (sounds dirtier than it is!!) over PM, this is a racing thread! :D
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    Well done to Jenson for breaking his duck!

    (That translates as getting his first win for non english speakers)
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    I don't think I've ever seen such hatred shown and accusing of cheating on any thread as is shown here for Michael. Heidfeld stated he and Michael had contact and he suspected Michael had suspension damage of some sort.

    There is a very simple solution for this type of behaviour - go join a chat group that's anti-Ferrari and anti-Michael - Renault Chat might be a good start.

    Am I the only one in the "usual" group here that's noticing a large increase in newbies (obvious by number of posts);most non-Ferrari owners and also don't bother to fill out a profile that appear to be trolling??

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    Does anybody know of a F1 driver that had a DNF but got 1 point????

    If not...
    then that has just added one one more to the history books!!!!

    Forza Schumi...
  22. BMW.SauberF1Team

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    Were you here for the Monaco Quali thread? ;) I think people started to whip out Websters to define what a cheater was!!!
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    Dayum! I wonder what's next!

    - Barrichello docked 30 seconds for spitting on the side of the track.
    - Heidfeld docked 2 points for being underage - he is really a 15 year old with a fake license.
    - Button docked 3 points for not bringing his pretty ex-fiancee Loiuse to the track

    The stewards and FIA are trying to pack a season's worth of excitement into one race. :)
  24. DGS

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    Kimi ticketed for using his cell phone (radio) while driving. :p

    (Actually, given the studies re: cell phones, even with headsets, I wonder how distracting the radios really are in F1
    -- you never hear a driver tell his crew: "I'm a little busy at the moment, I'll call you back".)

    The scariest part is that there are now three weeks for FIA bureaucrats to reflect on the term "Button Sorter". :p
  25. DGS

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    How about Brazil 2003, when Fisi got the win in a Jordan, despite crashing out before the race was stopped?

    (That race may be what drove BStone full wets being set for monsoon/amphibious conditions, leaving today's conditions in a gap between BS intermeds and full wets.)

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