How Did You Lose Your Wealth?

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    Apr 16, 2017
    Had a teacher that was Mrs. Thompson. She was my teacher in grade 6 and 7th. A-team was just out so we called her Mrs. T........ She was old and started teaching at the school in 1964. The year it opened. Retired by 1989. The school and area was built by one old guy. He built and donated most of our amenities in the community. Parks and stuff like that.

    This is a park he built and then donated for public use:

    I never bet the principal on any "investment". That's where most get into trouble is they spend and then can't replace their principal. I've lost money, but never more then I could afford to loose................ I'm 45 and if I suddenly needed a new source of "income". Id become a real estate brokerage and make serious coin in no time.................................... Having Mrs. T, was a great in with the developer when I was a teenager. She taught his kids as well.
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    Aug 15, 2017
    I have this recurring dream of buying bitcoin on margin and then having to sell real assets to cover each successive 25% or higher decline while doubling down.
    My sons who are both up 30% and 50% respectively on their modest crypto-currency portfolios assure me that my nightmare is unfounded.

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