How Did Everyone Survive the Great Freeze?

Discussion in 'Texas' started by jimpo1, Feb 20, 2021.

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    City house - always had water, power cut on and off 2 or 3 times for an hour or 2, had one pipe freeze and burst which (thank you God for giving me the skill set) I caught and fixed myself with zero damage.

    Ranch (150 miles north) - expected a ton of problems since it got down to ONE degree there and we have over 1 mile of waterlines laid throughout the property. Drove up and discovered zero issues. No problems with the waterlines to the horses, no problems with the house or guesthouse. Neighbor came in and borrowed our 10kw gennie since he lost power.

    The devastation to our vegetation is incredible. We covered and tried to protect all of it yet everything is dead.

    Friend in the "pretty people suburbs" of northwest Chicago doesn't smoke in the house. He stepped out to his back porch in -10 degree weather in a tee-shirt, bathrobe, shorts, and slippers, to smoke a cigarette; he slipped on the ice, fell, and hit his head. He knocked himself out. My friend froze to death 36 inches from the back door of his house which was heated to 70 degrees.

    ....and as a footnote; I've never seen a furnace in Texas that was not hardwired and plugged into a junction box instead.
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    It's the unneeded death that bothers me....sorry to hear about your friend, I fell twice too before going to rubber soled Pumas.

    Losing Gene Taylor of Austin, also to "freezing to death" is really hard, what a talent
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    OK, I need to amend my list, while fixing a broken pipe outdoors, found two more broken ones just today.
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    Frank Cavallo
    Good luck finding fittings.

    My electric bill was normal. Just got it.

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