Hell drive from Vegas to Austin

Discussion in 'Las Vegas' started by TifosiConch, Feb 28, 2020.

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    Paul Maurer
    I'm picking up my California T in Las Vegas in 2 weeks, using it to tool around town for a few days. My plan is to then drive from Vegas to Austin in 2 days, overnighting in Albuquerque. I will then have the car shipped home to Key West, where it may never exceed 50 mph again lol.
    My goals for the trip are two: 1. Familiarize myself with the car, it's controls and driving dynamics and
    2. Drive it at speed.
    Does anyone know some stretches of I-40 or elsewhere to open the car up a little and let it sing, with little chance of detection? I'll have a good radar detector and Waze.
  2. Texas Forever

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    Apr 28, 2003
    I would stay off I-40. There are various back highways that would be a lot more fun to drive. From memory, there is one that runs southeast from Albuquerque to Sweetwater, Texas to Austin. Whole lotta room to shake, rattle, and roll.

    PS I was born in Key West.

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    We did Tulsa nonstop to Flagstaff last Summer using the I-40 corridor (final destination Vegas but our room would't have been ready!) Averaged about 82 MPH for the trip - the Texas panhandle was wide open with the exception of Amarillo as was Eastern Arizona but NM was heavily patrolled. If you decide to do it ,the Cadillac Ranch is about 2-3 exits West of downtown Amarillo and would make a great photo stop - I think it's the Helium Rd. exit. It's on the South side of the Interstate about 100 feet off the RoW. You'll see cars pulled off on the shoulder.
  4. TheMayor

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    Feb 11, 2008
    Vegas baby
    I did El Paso to Vegas and had a great experience. Reversed its like this:

    Vegas to Sedona taking route taking route 89a from Flagstaff to Sedona.

    Sedona to Tucson by 17 to 10

    10 to El Paso

    Longer by about 100 miles to Austin but really enjoyable. You gotta look out for the Highway Patrol in Arizona though.
  5. fatbillybob

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    Why not see if there is a trackday at CoTA? Driving fast on public roads is really a waste of time. CoTA is a sweet track. Every car guy should drive an F1 track in their lifetime. Doing it in a Ferrari is the best.
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  6. TifosiConch

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    Paul Maurer
    Excellent idea, I go every year for the F1 race as well, it's a great track. This year I'll have to finally change my livery from Mercedes to Ferrari! Let's hope for a win in 2020! Either way, the Bloody Marys in the Velocity lounge, and the ladies who serve them, will be memorable!
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    I did the exact drive in a TR a few years ago. Whatever you do do not go to El Paso and across 10. It will suck the soul out of you. I don't even stop for gas in El Paso.

    40 to just past Albq then 285 to Roswell (watch out for little green men hitchhiking). 380 W to Brownfield. 87 to Brady then 71 on into Austin. Some pretty good scenery and the few cars I encountered after putting 40 behind me were pretty happy going triple digits until Llano or so. Good roads for most of it.

    Coopers in Llano has pretty good BBQ. I'd probably get a room in Albq. Not much else to choose from on that route.
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    I did a lot of I40 from Tennessee to Arizona when I went to the FCA Annual Experience last November. I didn't see many cops, but I saw more tractor trailers than I've ever seen in my life. Getting stuck behind so many rolling roadblocks was no fun.
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    Ryan Alexander
    Is there a purpose to going to Albuquerque?

    Because if you're just looking for an experience and then shipping the car anyway, driving up through the Virgin River gorge up to Utah, and then up to Denver over the Rockies on the 76/70 is a much more epic drive.
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    The original Fernando
    Unser Museum?

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