Heated Floors - yes!

Discussion in 'Other Off Topic Forum' started by Innovativethinker, Jan 2, 2018.

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    Mark Jones
    I just went through a master bed/bath remodel (4 months), which I don't recommend to anyone, but we put in marble flooring in the bath and went with a heated floor system.

    Its fantastic, I had no idea how great it is, and so well worth it. We have it programmed to turn on at 5 am and shut off at 9 am. Feels great walking in in the morning or when stepping out of the shower. Also keeps the cats out of the bathroom.

    If anyone else is redoing a bath, you may want to look into it.

    PS: marble sucks. We put in on the floor, shower walls and counter top. We have to wipe everything down after each use. Stupid designers...
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    Interesting about the marble. I've always thought about silestone for bathrooms as it's bacteriostatic. I'm not sure if it needs wiping down like that.

    Heated floors would be clutch right's incredibly cold this week. :/
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    Yep...a heated floor in the bathroom is a wonderful feature, especially in a winter like we’re having now. However we’ve had one small problem with ours: since the underlying heating matt has a little ‘give’ to it, there is a small amount of flex in the subfloor and the grout between the marble tiles keeps coming loose.

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    Electric or liquid Mark? If electric, they are generally good for 8 to ten years (in Canada). They are sooo comfy though. Carefull on those marble floors, that stuff is slippery.

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