Ford vs Ferrari

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    Very brief contra-argument with no supporting facts.

    Here are mine - the film is mostly about the Ford GT40, Ford Mustang and Shelby Cobra which dominate in about 80% of the car scenes. Watch the values of these going up just because of this movie, but that's another topic. :) Ferrari cars - a couple of classics in a scene in Modena at start of the film, and a few more near the end during the Le Mans 24 hour race (one in the pits and one during the race). Shelby (and film director) make fund of the Italians. That's it, hence why I said don't expect to much much Ferrari...

    What are your supporting points, Sir?
  2. Neil A

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    Oct 11, 2011
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    Watched it last week brilliant film , as much a the story friendship than the manufacturer rivalry . The way Miles was treated as his face didn't fit the "face of ford" was shocking.
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    Greg S

    Do you really think I want to get in a debate about a movie? Are you 10 years old, seriously? That is a car guy movie about a race there’s no making fun of Ferrari in the movie. Go see the movie! Or don’t .... not worth my time debating
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    Apr 28, 2011
    Really enjoyed the movie. Great job by the stars and every aspect well done.
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    It's just a great, true story. I'm not offended because Ferrari took a licking. It happened.
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    Malc Holden
    It is an utterly brilliant film. It has been said here or somewhere that it focuses on Miles and Shelby an awful lot. If anything Henry Ford II is made to look bad not Enzo. In fact there is a scene where Enzo doffs his cap to Miles.
    Best film I have seen since the fantastic Gran Torino.

    Christian Bale plays Miles brilliantly even down to the Brummie (Birmingham) accent. I know (found out just before I watched the film) Christian Bale was born in the UK but he's lived mostly in America but he could have fooled me.

    My fiancee watched it with me and was also immensely impressed.
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    Enjoyed the film but did they have to make Ferrari look like the evil empire? The other point is if you knew the history, have driven a stick shift and know something about car tech you would appreciate this movie much more.
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    Great movie. Even the wife liked it....made her appreciate my car and the whole Ferrari thing a little more.

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    I'd recommend the documentary on Netflix, The 24-Hour War. It's a few years old... Factual account of "Ford vs Ferrari" with interviews.
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