First Saturday drive in the FF with an ominous ending...

Discussion in 'FF/Lusso/F12/812S' started by Dfmontaz, Apr 4, 2021.

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    Yeah u can but u will have here and there some go to dealer messages

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    I have measured the temp at the battery both inside and outside the thermal blanket and can confirm your readings. Added additional aluminum coating to the thermal blanket on the engine header side and bottom. The heat is incredible. Lithium batteries don't like heat or cold either. If too cold they shut down. If too hot...
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    I couldn't agree more. A lithium battery is not the solution - not when it costs 5-6x that of a lead acid. I'm resigned to replacing the lead acid battery every two years and i don't think there's any way that a lithium battery would last for 10-12 years in that environment.

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