First Negative encounter/person messing with my 430.

Discussion in '360/430' started by Zack Hawker, Jul 30, 2019.

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    John Zornes
    Sorry for your experience. I drive my car often and have never really had problems.

    To be clear/fair: AZ has open carry. You can concealed carry IF you have a permit or you are on your own property, not any other time. SO, there are a lot of people without a concealed carry permit and they can choose to open carry.
  2. kiryu

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    Mar 28, 2016
    Los Angeles
    wow sorry you had that experience. Given that your car isnt keyed, I believe you made the right move. It's not worth the time and hassle (unless you are retired and have plenty of time to teach that ******* a lesson that there are consequences to **** you do).

    Elementary school bullies grew up and bought a $500 gun and open carry, cant afford anything over 20k and continue to think he's a bully. You certainly dont need to spend your precious time on pple like this. Dont play into his game and give him the satisfaction of a sad pathetic bully
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    IMHO in an open carry state the question isn't whether you're carrying.. the question is whether you're wearing. I'm wearing a vest.. are you? ;) Stupid policy IMHO. Only knuckleheads who are going to fill innocent bystanders with lead are going to open carry.
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    Dan L.
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    Great story! Stay safe!

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    Jerry Ng
    #31 _JERRY_, Jul 30, 2019
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    Totally agree with this. The trick is to make friends with a local workshop that also has its own paintshop, so u can bring it in for small jobs adhoc. I dont bother so much anymore where i leave the car nowadays, as long as there is no damage to the engine, everything aesthetic CAN be fixed easily.

    i use the 430 as my DD, so i really cannot afford to be worried when its used primarily for transport.
    Over the 3 1/2 years that i've used this car as my DD, i've observed 2 groups of public drivers.
    The 1st group is the kind that admires cars as well, and if he's parked next to you, not only will he be extra cautious with your car (ie. opening the door etc). , because he admires cars, he is careful with his own car as well.
    The 2nd group is the jealous type, and they can sacrifice their own car to damage yours just to get a kick. and/or do silly things, like running their key across your door etc etc.

    Sadly the parking cam is rarely 360, so any vandalism from the sides, cant be recorded. Just be careful what vehicle you park next to. If that vehicle is well maintained, its less likely he will risk damaging his own vehicle to damage yours, and will also more likely fall into the "1st group".
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  7. Natkingcolebasket69

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    That never happens in a Testarossa;) I only have thumbs up and nice people. Newer Ferrari ...other story.
    I just bought a white FF, aside driving like a Ferrari; doesn’t look like one; so I hope I will be trouble free;)

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  8. Targaflorio0199

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    We have a word for that caliber of person here in Australia. A Dead Sh*t. Basically the lowest of the low. Devoid of any decency or respect for anything or anyone.

    Wouldn’t worry. The fact you own that car and someone like that feels compelled to damage it is all you need to know about who is winning in life. Peace.
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  9. one4torque

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    May 20, 2018
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    For people who are fortunate to daily their f car wo issue. I submit it’s not your state of mind about your car.... it’s the community you drive and park.

    Beverly Hills or a fine affluent suburb in SD will be thumbs up..... vs larger cities w diverse socio will yield different results.
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  10. efg2014

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    Sep 14, 2014
    Northern California
    Unfortunate event. I don't take my f-car to what I would consider poorer neighborhoods nor would I ever take it to a Home Depot. I know a woman who took her Maserati to downtown San Jose, which in my book is a no no, and someone put their foot through her front grill. When you go to an area where people are struggling, there is anger present and you maybe at the receiving end. This all ties back to what I feel is the dismantling of the middle-class, but that is a different discussion for a different day.
  11. Flyingbrick242

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    Feb 26, 2017
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    It irritates me just reading what that idiot did..there is absolutely NO excuse for it and he should suffer the consequences for his bad behavior.!
    I'd call the cops and let justice be served.
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  12. Robert Kenton

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    R W Kenton
    Very lucky Zack, that he didn't take a nail or key to your paint. Also congratulations on not confronting this jerk.
    When I had my Dino, I never, ever left it unattended. Same policy now with my 360. I suppose that's paranoid, but to me not worth the risk of this kind of incident and a possible confrontation.
  13. Natkingcolebasket69

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    Doesn’t surprise me I live there and in Miami. San Jose is very expensive and a dump overall.
    I only take my car for fun; point a to point a.

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  14. bupilot

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    J Anderson
    In instances like this when i've had a second to calm down and think rationally, physical confrontation never seems to be the right solution so def understand you not following through with that. I do think however that as soon as there is an air of disrespect for laws and common decency, it provides a pathway for those to continue it and then others feel empowered as they see no consequences. It also means you can gaurantee this will happen to the next person. Next time call the police! Your car should not be assaulted with no consequence, that's a world none of us wants to live in.
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  15. John_K_348

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    John E. Kenney
    Good call. You could have put the paper back on his car. Or some goo from it and the like. You don't have to slash tires either, just let the air out. If you had the time that would have been sweet...and chuck the cap into the bushes. ;)
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  16. SoftwareDrone

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    I parked at a shopping center literally a hundred yards from any other car. Came out to my car to see a big spit on my fender. Really??

    Another time I pulled into a parking lot and took two spaces, but, again, it was far away from any other cars. I wasn't at the ATM for more than two minutes and walked back to my car. There was this big white guy in a big, jacked up pickup truck parked parallel to my car, facing the other way, so I'd have to come up close to his window to get back into my car. As I walked up, he looked at me and said, "So! You think you're special??". I was scared so I just said, "Not really, but if the owner of this car sees one ding, I'm dead meat!". He said, "I understand" and drove off.
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  17. 78bonanza

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    Apr 1, 2018
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    Jim Cear
    i bought my 360 three months ago . It’s so bad where I live I’m seriously considering selling it.
    The population in my area has changed . I’d move if my family wasn’t here . :-(
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  18. ttforcefed

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    Aug 22, 2002
    Where are u located?
  19. mello

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    I find that if I don't wash my F car and leave the bug splatters build up on the windshield for about 6 months, people ignore me and the car. So I only detail my F car twice a year.
  20. 78bonanza

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    Jim Cear
    Long Island NY
  21. one4torque

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    May 20, 2018
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    It’s all about location.
  22. mikesufka

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    Mike Sufka
    After reading the OP post, no way I’d have let that go ...

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  23. Shamile

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    Shamile guys need to move to Florida. I drive my Testarossa and Murcielago Roadster as daily drivers and never experienced that kind of attitude towards the cars. Sure they've been spat on, a cigarette butt thrown on it, the occasional butt print and hand prints but nothing like the time it would take to put adhesive all over the car.
    I choose to daily them and shrug my shoulders at the minor stuff....and have been to Home depot countless times....never an issue.

    Maybe it's a prevailing attitude where one lives. Florida is a have / have not state and wealth is a common sight here.


    Freeze....Miami Vice!
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  24. docmirror

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    May 6, 2004
    Ft Worth TX
    Oye, gotta say I don't get all the passive **** here. Someone messes with a guys car, I don't care if it's a 76 Volvo wagon, or a new Ferrari. It just isn't done. I have been there before, and hell yes I both call the cops and confront the guy. Open carry? pfft. OK, clear the holster with it big boy. Aim it at me big boy. DO IT!! About 15 years ago I caught a young guy scraping up the side of my boat on the trailer. Held on to him while the cops came. He went away in cuffs. Why let the scum on this planet get away with this? Find, rent, borrow some balls next time. Jeezalou
  25. mikegr

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    Jul 3, 2012
    Get shot for asking the reason?
    What kind of place is this?
    You would get more respect if you live in Saudi Arabia...
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