Fiorano Handling Package (F355)

Discussion in '348/355' started by Rothbauer_Racing, Sep 11, 2008.

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    Tim Dee
    With today's new shock technology and dynos I would go with some penske, motion or ohlins
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    Barry Wolinsky
    Those are all fine shock absorbers, Tim. But you would have to sacrifice the F355's Suspension Control System. Yes, it dates back to the mid-1990s but it's a well-thought out design and with its suspension ECU and sensors provide an active damping system which continuously changes shock absorber damping allowing for maximum tire contact patch time on the road or track surface. This was very apparent at Sebring where the track surface from Turn 17 through Turn 3 is very rough. My Challenge car's Suspension Control System, which is the same as the stock system in all F355s, provided proper shock damping over the rough track surface and therefor a safe ride. If the active damping system can do that in extreme conditions, it will do the same on the road.

    I think that Delta Vee's approach for its F355 Sport Suspension is a good, and economical, solution.

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