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    Mr. A
    I think so you can run the car through the car wash without destroying the gearbox

    Most car wash places have a small conveyor
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    On my 612 the driver and passenger seats are usually set well back. So when passengers got in the back we would have to manually adjust the seats forward so that their knees didn't get crushed (sometimes we forgot :( ).

    A nice touch with the FF is that as soon as the seat hits the passenger's knees, it automatically moves forward a couple inches. I didn't read this anywhere in the manual, but I saw it demonstrated in a video.
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    I will have to check that out. I found how the cup holder slides back after reading it hear

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    Haha....same discovery here !!!
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    I wonder how long time it will take before someone figures out how to "hack" (in lack of better word) auto folding mirror when parked?
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    Works on the Lusso also....I like it, gives a lower view when needed.....thanks
  7. otakki

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    Mar 24, 2016
    Initially, I thought the factory forgot to put in the cup holder option...duh.

    Is there a way to put the car in gear when the door is open? It will be a little easier to make sure I'm at a proper distance along the parking space markings.
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    I just wanted to shut off that super loud seat belt ringer. Is there a fuse/relay we can remove?
  9. ttforcefed

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    id pay you if you can come up with a solution for that!
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    That’s for when your hooking up a trailer. My F350 has that.
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    Lol!!!!!! To an ff?!?!
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    @Way2fast : my 612 does that as well, sometimes. The driving position is programmed and stored, but after going from reverse to 1st, the mirrors go to a position which is too downward-facing. This doesn't always happen, but mostly all the time. So it seems to be a problem across several car generations.
    One thing to do to "fix" it is to program your mirror's position for reversing in the exact position for driving. This helps, but then again, switching off the battery means doing this all over again...
    Also, store the driving position in 2 memory slots, and try to restore those after it fails to come back to the correct position.
    Hope this helps!
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