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Discussion in 'F1' started by 444sp, Dec 7, 2019.

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    All true, but he knew how to run a pit garage and crew...
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    Of course we all know this, I was speaking about someone able to impose strict discipline within the team.
    Stepney was famous to be a rude person at work.
    This is why todt hired him.
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    IIRC, Stepney was at Ferrari before Todt.

    Todt said later that Stepney was a PITA but he kept him because he was good at his job. I´ve read some stories about that he kept for himself some bonuses for his crew. I don´t know, just one of those things you read on the internet or a tabloid.
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    As the circumstances leading up to the accident that caused his death were not fully explainable, the Coroner's Inquest recorded an open verdict - not suicide. But still a sad outcome for those nearest to him.

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    William Denoyelles

    For no apparent reason, Stepney parked his vehicle on the hard shoulder of a motorway, stepped out and jumped in front of an incoming truck.
    You can draw your own conclusion ...
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    Joe R Gonzales
    Launch date for the 2020 car is Feb. 11.
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    The car is one thing, but their biggest issue is strategy. Their pit wall has let them down repeatedly and I think that puts an entirely unnecessary pressure on the drivers to make something happen... to compensate if you will, because they don't have faith in what's being done.
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    Ferrari is making "quite significant changes" to its Formula 1 engine as well as adding "a lot more downforce" to its car for 2020, in its bid to topple Mercedes.

    Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc won just three races between them in 2019 as Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes swept to another title double, Mercedes' sixth in a row.

    F1's four engine manufacturers have converged in the V6 turbo-hybrid era's fifth season but despite aerodynamic and engine regulations remaining stable for 2020, Ferrari has opted for an overhaul because it believes there is more potential to exploit.

    "We have changed, by quite a lot, our power unit, in terms of architecture, the cylinder," said team principal Mattia Binotto.

    "It's quite a big review just to show that here again, there is much that can be done.

    "The change we are looking for next year is quite significant changes on the engine itself."

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    Though Ferrari established a heavily-scrutinised straightline speed advantage in 2019, it had a cornering deficiency that proved too costly at several races.

    While its engine development will aim to keep, if not enhance, the power advantage Ferrari has established, addressing its downforce weakness is another key area that has been targeted for 2020.

    "Our car next year is aiming for a lot more downforce by having more downforce, certainly more drag," said Binotto.

    "We are not expecting to be as far on the straight as we have been. But you never know what the others are doing.

    "The things that we learned, we recognise that we need to have certainly more downforce - as we saw at the end of the season, still there is a gap to close.

    "So, our car is aiming for more downforce and by consequence, we are certainly working more on drag."

    Ferrari is in the process of finalising the design of its 2020 chassis, with Binotto saying there are "still a few sessions" to set the car's specification for pre-season testing at Barcelona.

    The team will launch its car on February 11, eight days before the first three-day test in Spain.
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    The fastest car makes strategy decisions easier, such as starting on the front row, controlling race pace and worrying less about undercuts, etc. They can’t F about with qualifying like last year however, such as Chuck in Monaco.

    Sadly, it’s about tire wear too and MB was best in that and will most likely be next season too. Pirelli stinks, really shyte the bed imho.
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    Disagree with Pirelli. The teams know the physics and data about the tires both in testing and races and have significant data-base for this. If a given team cannot adjust configuration to enhance tire wear, they will suffer. Its not Pirelli alone with this.
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    Who are you so wise in the ways of science?
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    Well, Pirelli (apart from making ****ty tyres that don´t deliver the quality of racing they promised because they overheat or are like rounded rocks) sometimes had taken choices that benefitted some teams over others. Yes, teams have to adapt but some didn´t need to because Pirelli chose the tyres that already suited them. And with the limited ammount of testing and the constant adjustments Pirelli has to do, getting the tyres right is quite an alchemy. Teams were right in ditching the 2020: better the known devil.

    I want to believe that it´s not a conspiracy but just a matter of incompetence. Pirelli had too much influence in a single tyre championship where tyres shouldn´t matter at all.
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    Spot on. In 2020 Pirelli needed to make a tire with wide operating range and failed, yet were ready in 2018 to help MB with their blistering problems. They needed to keep it simple and failed.
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    One last monetary push for a title I think lol. Before the new 'budget' 2021 F1 rules etc - MISSION SPENDNOW

    Ferrari says it is prepared to invest more money in its Formula 1 team, including building a new simulator, as it expects a "significantly more expensive" 2020.

    The Italian team's defeat to Mercedes in 2019 ensured it ended the decade without a championship success in F1, as its title drought stretched to an 11th season.

    However, Ferrari CEO Louis Camilleri, speaking alongside team principal Mattia Binotto at a media lunch attended by Autosport, said that a "record" financial year for the car company, including the launch of the SF90 Stradale hybrid, had led to "a lot of smiling faces" at Maranello.

    He pledged that strong financial returns would boost the F1 programme too, because "we are one company and the car business funds Mattia's business".

    "We're also prepared to invest," said Camilleri. "And luckily the car business can support those investments, not only in terms of people, but also in terms of infrastructure."

    One of those investments is the build of a new simulator, which is already underway. That project will coincide with Ferrari's development of its 2020 car, for which Ferrari has overhauled the engine and aerodynamic design, and the preparation for '21.

    F1 will introduce sweeping technical changes for 2021 alongside a raft of other new elements, including a cost cap - which will slash Ferrari's budget to $175m, but not until after the 2021 car is developed.

    "Yes, it will be significantly more expensive," Binotto said when asked by Autosport about the impact on the team's budget next year.

    "The budget we've got available is the one that's needed.

    "Certainly, the number of projects in parallel are significantly more compared to the past. "We all started very early [on the 2021 car].

    "So yes, there will be significant extra budget next year, not only about money but resources - extra people would be required to run the programmes.

    "I think it's got to be a situation to be managed right now."

    Image Unavailable, Please Login

    While budgets will have to reduce significantly after next year, driver salaries are exempt from the incoming cap.

    That has led to suggestions drivers will be able to demand more money from teams, particularly if the rules overhaul is successful and the cars become more closely matched.

    However, asked if he was worried about the potential for driver salaries to rocket, Camilleri said: "I'm not unduly concerned."

    Ferrari had already upped its budget for 2019, Binotto's first year in charge, only to be disappointed by a winless first half of the season and its latest defeat to Mercedes.

    However, Camilleri said he was very pleased by what he has seen from his new team principal.

    "We need patience, we need stability and serenity," he said. "If you look back in the history of Formula 1, where teams have done very well, be it McLaren, Ferrari in the good old days, Red Bull or today Mercedes, there is one common thread, which was that there was a lot of stability within the team.

    "They learned to work very closely together. That is something we are very focused on. "Mattia has been spending a lot of time to ensure that we have a cohesive, united team."
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    David A.
    Tire and pit strategy should not determine the winner! IMHO
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    It does not, but those 2 factors certainly can affect related decisions. Driver error, timing of moves etc etc. Those who do manage tires will do well. Those to employ effective strategy will do well - if they have the right car, driver etc etc.
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    Dec 18, 2016
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    Latest rumors from Leo Turrini :
    Next year power unit always top notch.
    Wind tunnel and simulators numbers about next year car are for now disappointing.
    This is why Simone resta is working full time on 2020 car instead of beginning work on 2021 technical regulations.
    The way Turrini wrote his article is mainly pessimistic ( pinch of salt !)
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    Good news!

    I heard Ferrari is really trying to win this year! :)
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    LOL, this year as in next year ?
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    Tire strategy should be a part of who wins and who does not.
    But there should not be ANY mandatory pit stops.
    You know, like back in the days of Prost and Senna.
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    Yes, the same way Epstein committed "suicide". It has long been theorized that the former Ferrari man was killed and made to look like a suicide. The links and articles are out there, before someone asks/tells/orders me to produce evidence. :) ;)
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    Never heard that before. Never. :confused:

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