Ferrari 488 Pista

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    Those pictures tell me I probably don’t want yellow and I definitely want stripe. Waterfall is a standout feature of the car and how the stripe disappears and reappears - never seen that before. It will lend tremendous road presence. I predict the take-up of stripe will be even more than for the Speciale. The more I look at this car, the better it gets. No-one seems to be talking much about Pininfarina, which seems to suggest that even though there are those who are not too keen, this car is well received overall.
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    Barry K
    There seem to be mixed reports on Fiorano lap time vs LaFerrari, with my dealer saying last night at the preview that it would match or be slightly quicker. I guess the official number it depends on how Ferrari wants to market the car. Anyone has more information?
  5. V12 Speciale

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    May 22, 2017
    well.......we all know my opinion on the 488 Pista beating or at least matching the LaFerrari lap times. I truly think it can as it would have better entry and exit speed with it being lighter weight, R compound tires and very little lag from the torque monster twin turbos.

    My only gripe about Fiorano lap times is that their authenticity gets questioned. When they post of spot on lap times of say 1:21.00 it really doesn't help its credibility. Speaking of Fiorano.......its a shame they used the Fiorano name on the 599.......488 Fiorano would have went nice with this car
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    And depends on which driver is in which car
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    But if this is the Coupe version, will the Spyder be called 488 Pista Aperta ??? :D
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    Is the launch color Rosso Corsa or some other red?
  9. F140C

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    Nov 25, 2016
    Grigio Medio or Argento Nurburgring + Bordeaux Alcantara would be a dream
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  10. Shadowfax

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    Jun 10, 2016
    Reflecting back over this mornings preview I can only say WOW! Stunning!!!!

    Those fortunate enough to be in Geneva to see this car in the flesh - I am envious! You guys are in for a feast for the eye!! The only thing that will trump that will be sitting behind the wheel as an owner driving this baby hard....very hard. I am very much looking forward to that day.
    PS. Any color will do....not to get too picky at this stage in the game.
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    Looks like it's been crashed into a wall and repaired badly... no no no...
  12. Shadowfax

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    Jun 10, 2016
    I take it you can't get one. Sorry to hear that.
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    woody byrd
    Excuse me if this is a repeat, but I was informed by my dealer the car comes with an extra set of Carbon Fiber Wheels and tires, at a cost of $35,000.
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    Yes, and no black roof either--unless you miss vinyl roof look from the 60s.
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    Jan 21, 2017
    I wonder whether the stripe will be standard, the moving pictures seem to come from the (future) configurator and could be the basic equipment (which could explain why the car has no fender shields, and no carbon wheels).
  16. Shadowfax

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    Jun 10, 2016
    Optioned up with shields and the likes this car is going to look killer.
  17. Jelial

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    Mar 25, 2017
    Agreed, I relly don't like the black roof at all as well... I just got the info that for italian market the starting price will be around 280k Euro.
  18. Lesia44

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    Aug 5, 2009
  19. mfer

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    Dec 11, 2015
    We have seen it before with the 599 GTO beating the flagship at the time the Enzo by 1 second no reason for the 488 not to be quicker than the laF
  20. Lesia44

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    It's got a horrible kink in the middle of it. And there's no real coherence between the stripe on the hood and the stripe on the splitter so there's no flow between the two.

    I've seen it somewhere before, but I can't remember where. I seem to remember that it's on something relatively high profile so it will come to me in a while.

    Plenty of Ferrari owners disagree with you on that one.
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  21. petretta

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    Original renders released (without fender shields) seem to be in a different red than the Ferrari website which looks to be in RC. Any idea which Rosso that is? Looks phenomenal with that silver/black livery.
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  22. jeffmoore

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    Feb 19, 2011
    The nose does me remind a bit of the F50...
  23. V12 Speciale

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    May 22, 2017

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    After a lot of comments and opinions I have to say that the new design is AMAZING. Ferrari has raised the bar significantly. Looking at hi res pictures of the configurator I can see a lot of aero details that its difficult to see
    in the press photos (the air intake for example consists from 3 different inlets etc) I'am waiting the official videos of all the technical features of the car to admire the technology that it carries.
    Ferrari=Passion, design, technology, innovation
  25. Traveller

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    Well, were that to be the case I would be surprised(and owe an apology) as I don't see how they can have a £300K production car run rings around a £2m Halo car so I am sure it will be posted as slower. Inevitably much could be down to tyres and politics.
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