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Discussion in '365 GT4 2+2/400/412' started by bobmarley, Dec 18, 2004.

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    What ever you're willing to pay for it. ;)

    Low to mid 20's should get it.
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    I had a 1977 400GT 5 speed which was a wonderful car. It drove like a luxury car yet had the pep and sound of a Ferrari with those wonderful side draft Webers. If you want a 400, look around and find a 5 speed, you will enjoy it MUCH more. Mine was blue with tan interior and was the former daily driver of Al Garthwaite or Algar Ferrari.
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    Why is it everytime I look at an e-bay car there is always 13 bids on it? Is this the magic e-bay bid number or what?

    Oh..It looks like a nice car..carbed aswell...Tough to find a 5seed..but worth the hunt will pay a bit more for the car but it will be worth it.
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    There have been several similar examples on the eBay UK site recently. I picked one up for £8,600 ($15000?) in similar condition. Others have gone for anywhere between £4000 ($7000) for rough examples to £12,000 ($20,000) for near concours condition. Make sure you get a chance to give it a thorough inspection before buying and beware paint jobs that just cover up rust.

    btw, the wrong oil filters have been fitted (based on the eBay photos). The correct ones (with the anti-return valve) would be white, not orange - but even Ferrari dealers get this wrong!
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    23393 was listed for sale in FML by a Florida dealer going back to April 2003. It started out at $27K and then was reduced to $22,500. Looks like Mike Cannillo has it up on Long Island now, where it is listed on his website at $27,950. It is listed as having a new interior, which appears to be different (and better looking IMO) than the two-tone seats that were common in that era.

    He also has another 400, serial number 19353, which is said to be the Paris show car and is the first 400 produced, also listed at $27,950. Interior on this one looks original.

  6. Ashman

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    The 400/400i/412 series sells for more in the U.S. than in the UK and Europe, with the lowest prices for cars that need some work (whether known at the time of purchase or not!) in the $18-20K area and better examples in the mid-high 20's. The 412s seem to be mid 30's and up with asking prices as high as $50K or so.

    The oil filters on the e-bay car may be Baldwins, in which case they have the anti-drainback standpipe and are a well-accepted and economical alternative to the UFI filters. Especially after the UFI exploding filter problem a few years ago, with customer service that was poorly handled by UFI, turning off many people, who switched to the Baldwins.

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