F430 manual vs Speciale appreciation

Discussion in '360/430' started by sunyatsen, Dec 17, 2018.

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    It´s like saying nobody wants the muscle cars of the 60´s today. I think there will always be a demand for a screaming V8s or V12s but the demand also depends on the gasoline availability and the possibility to drive the cars on public roads.
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    Time will tell.
    I think we’re at a real pivot point in the development of vehicles and even our attitudes towards them.
    Like almost all of my friends, I couldn’t wait to get a drivers license ....went to do the written test the week of my 16th birthday.
    My nieces and nephews couldn’t care less and act like they may not even get a license until they’re in their 20s. Are these kids going to want guzzling, polluting muscle cars? They’ve grown up with a stigma against them ...all they talk about is saving the planet, sustainability etc.

    I’m not sure history will be as reliable a predictor of auto desirability as it has been.
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    Lorenzo LaMattina
    You don’t need a mass produced kit. All you need are factory parts. A clutch pedal set, stick shift mechanism, the trans doesn’t change....replace the F1 brain boxes, remove paddles, change the steering wheel surround, a lot of other bits and pieces and adjustments down below, disconnect the upshift/downshift light in the dash, someone that knows what their doing can do it in about 30 hours labor. Probably $15k in parts.

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