Dino Updt 090118 _ Mike Helped

Discussion in 'Corbani's Corner' started by dm_n_stuff, Jan 18, 2009.

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    OK john, here ya go.

    You post below, I'll cut and paste it into this post.

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  3. John Corbani

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    John Corbani
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    Dino Updt 090118 _ Mike Helped

    Weather has been breaking records for the past weeks. First wind and now heat. In the 70s for a week with some spots breaking 80. Couldn’t stand it anymore so called mikeyr and asked if his driving offer was still open. He said sure but he has to work during the week. I suggested 1:30 Saturday for maybe an hour. He said “I’ll be there.”

    The car was a little dirty and I had no idea how the battery was holding up. Mike showed as I was recovering from a walk to the back of the house. Five minutes of panting and I could talk again. I told him that I should be OK just sitting in the right seat and leaning forward. Had a little O2 bottle with a spare. Should last.

    Mike had driven the car maybe three years ago so everything was easy. Wait for fuel pumps to get the float bowls full again and blip the throttle during cranking. Accel pumps prime cylinders fine. Started right up. Got on 101 north to warm things up. All OK by Goleta so had a nice run to El Capitan. Came on back and stopped for a wash. I ran out of breath just getting my wallet out so got out, sat and watched. Mike did fine and we ran back to the house. Got a shot of Mike headed to the rear lot. Everything looking GOOD.

    Thanks Mike. Sorry I wasn’t driving but riding shotgun was great fun. We will do it again. Up a hill and around a corner, or two. And take some more pictures.

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  4. mikeyr

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    Mike Rambour
    And it really was my pleasure and call again anytime and I will be there !

  5. CAS

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    Nice post, John. Really enjoy your Dino adventures.
  6. atsanogood

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    John Ramsey
    Glad to see you got out in that little tresure of yours. I think I speak for a lot of us when I say your posts have been missed. Best wishes- John
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