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    I guess I've been fairly lucky with women in general. I've never had to deal with the games. I guess in my 20's I played the games with them but have since learned respecting them will land you an insane woman that you aren't worthy of. That's my lesson for women. My wife is 100 pay grades above my income level and I'm not worthy of her. Just damn happy she said YES. Lex in this case did everything correct and she either wasn't interested or she really has an ex she's hot on. Who knows. Tons of women out there Lex and you took a shot at one who cares if she didn't drop her skirt. The next one most likely will with the casual approach you just took.
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    I second that motion. In fact, half the time she doesn't even know what she's thinking.
    Sad but true. ;o) That doesn't have to be a bad thing though... it can work to your advantage. Hmmmm....

    That's where they come up with the saying "It's a womens prerogative to change their mind." 'Cause they change it often.
    My little nephews change their minds often too... ahhh... I remember being like them, 10 & 8 years old... the good 'ol days.
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    Perhaps after kissing she did not feel the chemistry.
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    Mike Seals
    Or, she did... and got scared.

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    well guys great responses. I'm very greatful!!!

    Today she actually contacted me with a txt message (A is her, and L is me):

    A: Hey are you wearing a blue shirt because I saw you today :D
    L: Yes I am, where did you see me?
    A: I was running to the train and walked passed

    Lateron I'm standing outside having a smoke

    A: I just saw you again :D
    L: Are you wearing a black dress?
    A: Yes you saw me too?

    Well a couple more txt went out and came in. So it's all a bit strange what she's thinking.
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    They're all insane.
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    She's ready for you to make a move now. She needed time to get her head straight. Now she's ready. Play it cool, but not too cool. Ask her what she's doing for lunch. Or dinner. Or if she's seen movie xyz. See how she responds. If she says she has plans, but doesn't suggest an alternative, then she just wants to be friends and you can decide if that's ok. Or she will go out with you again and it's game on.
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    At least you know she still wants contact.

    Wait for right opportunity & then pounce on her. But be cool.
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    +100 if you want a long term relationship be yourself! Don't play the games, don't wait rwo days to call when you really want to, make it clear you want her but DON'T be needy :)

    As I said earlier if you are looking for a succesful, fufilling long term relationship you're going to sift through a LOT of chaf before you find that girl who clicks with you enough to take a run at an LTR with. I refer you to the following adaptation of the Drake equation as it equates to dating:

    Now, that all being said if you're just trying to get your dick wet have it, be safe, and play the game William tells you to! :p
  10. Blue@Heart

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    Agreed, IF she says she's busy to any of your advances but doesn't immediatly suggest an alternative date/time/event then you've been friend-zoned move on....
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    When you are single and wanting to meet a woman, you should never focus on one... go out when you can and meet news ones. In the end its all about the numbers game anyway, why do you need that one in particular?
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    She is a certified game player... she texted you after all that to say "she saw you?". Don't text her for a week, then say, sorry I was busy, so whats up? Don't act like you care about her, because you don't. Take the reins my friend and never text back to soon. In these situations if you text back you stress out to see when she texts back, if you wait, then she stresses out. Someone in the equation is going to receive the stress, just stack the odds and see to it that person is not you. Hope that makes sense.
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    About once every 9 or 10 years.
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    Yeah, did she get back to you yet? You are definitely past the "swingers" 3 day minimum....

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