Cylinder head gasket

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    Hi Nathan - sorry to say I can’t be of much help, as the one I’m using is the last of the original old-stock screens that the restoration company knew about and sourced for me.

    When I dropped the car off today the company owner showed me around. A beautiful blue Dino looked absolutely stunning, while the convertible Daytona was even more covetable. How many RHD of those did they make for the UK? Less than 10 I’d imagine. Plus an F12, a Mondial, a Maserati 3200, several E-Types and a couple of Porsche 356’s. I imagine mine is joining the back of the queue, so I’ll probably not be seeing it on the road anytime soon.

    By the way, do you know of a source for new (or new old-stock) front side lights? Or do I have to buy the clear ones for the 412 then spray the indicator part orange?
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