CNC Motors: 2016 Porsche 911R!!!

Discussion in 'Cars' started by Sales@CNCMOTORS, Jan 23, 2017.

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  1. DreamCarrera

    DreamCarrera Formula Junior

    Oct 25, 2006
    S.E. PA
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    Look at the dates of the posts in this thread. This is an old thread and the 911 R that was the original topic of this thread has long since been sold...
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  3. Dicecal

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    Nov 15, 2015
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  4. rocketman

    rocketman Formula 3

    Oct 1, 2009
    Karma's a b*tch so hopefully they will wind up paying for all the grief they have caused.
  5. efg2014

    efg2014 Formula Junior

    Sep 14, 2014
    Northern California
    Here is another one. The guy's car was sold without his permission and the cash not given to him. Shane, who seems like a really nice guy has the title, CNC has the money and the other poor smuck has the car but can't register it. CNC keeps threatening to declare bankruptcy. You can reduce your chance of these types of issue by 1) do a google search 2) get a PPI done on the car 3) don't have that guy who sold you the lemon consign it for you. Pretty heartbreaking for the buyer :

  6. cgt000

    cgt000 Formula Junior
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    May 2, 2014
    I have had brokers sell my last few cars recently. The car stays in your garage until the funds are wired to you. I was once planning to consign my 1500 mile Carrera GT for sale to an exotic dealer until I found out that dealer was planning to let his "VIP" clients test drive my car. F that. He was upset when I told him his clients could test drive my car AFTER the buy it.
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    DOWORKFCAR Karting

    Oct 15, 2016
    Cleveland, OH
    Lolol WOW. Good for you for not letting them take advantage of you. I’m sure this happens more than we would like to admit. Sadly.
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  9. efg2014

    efg2014 Formula Junior

    Sep 14, 2014
    Northern California
    Sounds like the guy didn't understand it was a CARRERA GT! Heck if I had the means I would buy a car like that unseen; good for you. I know a very bright and articulate guy here in Silicon Valley who is a big car nut. In his early 20s he would go to the exotic car dealerships and explain to them that he was going to be coming into a sizeable trust fund which would allow him to buy an exotic. His ruse worked every time and he had a blast test driving expensive cars. The sales guys probably referred to this guy as a "VIP" client. :)
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  10. cgt000

    cgt000 Formula Junior
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    May 2, 2014
    The sad part was that he never disclosed that to me until I asked for a clause in the consignment agreement barring any test drives and a monetary penalty of $5000/mile for any miles added. Only then he informed me of his intent to allow his customers test drive the car. He became very unfriendly after receiving my request. A broker sold the car for me eventually. Funds were wired into my account and then the car was picked up.
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  11. arizonaitalian

    arizonaitalian F1 World Champ
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    Oct 29, 2010
    this guy states at the end that he thinks this is merely a CIVIL matter. Seems there might be criminal actions here...eventually CNC is going to do this to the wrong guy...
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  13. aatk

    aatk Rookie

    Nov 24, 2017
    IANAL and have no dog in this fight, but you (one) might want to look at the definition of wire fraud.
    Also the dollar limits to get the Feds involved are lower than you think.

    The thought of a trip to Club fed can often be a powerful motivator.
  14. mcavinder

    mcavinder Rookie
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    Oct 29, 2020
    Sunshine State
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    Fchat needs to include these revelations in their weekly digest (as well as the NYC Carrera GT crash). I’ve been searching for my first Ferrari for almost 6 months with no hits... I suddenly received multiple messages from sellers this week... in Cali.

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  15. Eric R

    Eric R Formula 3
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    Nov 19, 2014
    The Woodlands, Tx
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    Eric R.
    #62 Eric R, Apr 4, 2021
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    I don't have a dog in this fight but think additional info should be provided that has come about since the video above by Shane was done. He provided an update shortly after about his meeting with CNC that put a little different spin on things. Then CNC went on the same site and offered first hand info and how they will have everyone made whole and willing to pay any late fees they may feel owed. EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH CNC MOTORS - Nothing was off limits - YouTube If you bother to watch it all, some of the people have already been paid but you will not hear anyone come out on the internet and say so. Second, he have funds from the sell of the building that should clear in a week that will allow him to pay everyone else. Seems to me the guy is trying hard to clear things up. That is more than what most would do.

    When grabbing this link I found one that is recent that I have yet to watch but its the hosts own thoughts: Live discussion about CNC Motors prior to premiere - YouTube

    If I were anyone of these people who he owes I would be rooting for him to succeed knowing if he does I will be compensated. That is much better than him filing and going belly up which then I am holding the bag with no backup plan. So I wish both sides an acceptable outcome.

    Now, if the DMV who is investigating this finds actual laws were broke, then CNC should be held accountable. Hopefully if they do find anything the punishment will not prevent him from getting everyone repaid. I say let that happen first and provide a deadline for it prior to any civil charges.
  16. USMMA90

    USMMA90 Rookie

    Mar 29, 2021
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    Looks like the guy with the Yellow 430 was able to get it back, apparently directly from the person who “bought” it. He doesn’t go into details except to say he is whole and the buyer is whole, but NGSC mentions in his new video he’s been contacted by 17 other people with similar stories to tell.
  17. Eric R

    Eric R Formula 3
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    Nov 19, 2014
    The Woodlands, Tx
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    Eric R.
    I just saw that video and its great news. Lets see where this goes and hope CNC continues to make things right. For both guys to be whole, CNC had to refund the buyer his big deposit and the bank loan. Will be interesting to see if Shane keeps it now or tries to sell again through different means.
  18. ScottS

    ScottS Formula 3

    Mar 2, 2004
    Winter Park
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    Scott S
    Not commenting on CNC but dealer license laws in all states have clear boundaries. IF the stories and allegations are found to be true, one should be concerned about felony charges in most states. If one sells a car on consignment but doesn’t deliver the title or is not legally authorized to sell, there are criminal penalties. Similarly not paying off liens also constitutes a theft by conversion.

    I am not saying CNC did these acts, just saying when a dealer violates these laws, there are criminal penalties. Unfortunately the DMV in most states is responsible for investigating and then referring for criminal prosecution after grand jury or similar mechanisms. In other words long time and a trail of complaints. The internet has shortened the time to get the word out. So much is done on trust.

    These facts are consistent with the complaints at CNC by posters here and on the BBB site. Like no one helping but the DMV. Knowing who to call is important and the right person asking at the dealership helps. At this point if their license was suspended the whole thing could fall apart.
  19. LI2782

    LI2782 Formula Junior
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    Jul 19, 2010
    There was a thread on here about them doing this to a member here a few months back....
  20. Innovativethinker

    Innovativethinker F1 Veteran
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    Aug 8, 2009
    Bear Creek, Ca.
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    Mark Jones
    I don’t care what someone “wants” to do or “they fell on hard times”

    If someone did this to me I’d do everything I could to put them behind bars.

    I have zero tolerance for thieves, and I’m a true believer in revenge.
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  21. slm

    slm F1 Rookie
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    Dec 5, 2004
    Ozark Americana
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    Steve M
    I have been seeing multiple other people coming out against CNC on other sites with similar complaints/issues spanning over years. They have been going downhill for years. Covid just brought it out.
  22. LI2782

    LI2782 Formula Junior
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    Jul 19, 2010
    Sorry but did the record car sales during covid just skip over CNC?
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  23. Senna1994

    Senna1994 F1 World Champ
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    Nov 11, 2003
    Orange County
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    Anthony T
    100% correct absolutely zero excuse. You sell someone's car, you pay them all the rest of the BS is nonsense. These guys should be out of business.
  24. Derby24

    Derby24 Rookie

    Aug 29, 2019
    Acworth, GA
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    Andy H
    I purchased my 360 spider from them March 2020. My car was shipped to me in a few weeks, but it took me months of calling to ever get the title. Fraser sold the car and after receiving it with undisclosed issues he left the company. I'm slowly getting these problems fixed. The part that sucks is buying your dream car, find it has problems, but in the end just being happy you finally get the title. I did learn a valuable lesson though, never judge a book by it's cover even if they have a ton of cool cars.
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  25. kumar75150

    kumar75150 Rookie

    Feb 20, 2006
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    Yeah...that's the confusing part.

    The used exotics industry is BOOMING.
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  26. GTHill

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    Jul 1, 2006
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    GT Hill

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