Casey Putsch to appear at the KIC, Road America July 18-20

Discussion in 'Other Racing' started by ProCoach, Jul 7, 2008.

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    Ryan Alexander
    ROFL +1

    The vintage racing bit is awesome. With some cleaning and editing this guy could write some great satire.
  2. ryalex

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    Ryan Alexander
    That's exactly what I thought of as I read it too...
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    You buy and I'll bring the Pinot.

    (I don't even know how to respond to this monkey.)
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    Ok, I can't just let this pass. Let me say that from the pictures, you've done a nice job on the Lola. It looks very clean.

    But, knowing what I know about vintage racing and restorations, while it can be done (to some extent) on a shoestring budget, it's not free. Parts and services required during a restoration and rebuild aren't cheap. I agree that one can save a lot of money by wrenching themselves (which is at least some of the appeal of owning older generation cars), but when you need an engine or transmission rebuild, or new suspension parts, or shocks rebuilt or whatever the hell else needs doing, the costs add up. And, if you've got some damage and need to re-manufacture parts, it's more.

    And, let's not forget the cost of actually running the damned thing. Tires, fuel, transportation (trailer and tow vehicle needed, of course), entry costs (if any) and other odds and ends also add up. So, no matter how determined, smart or talented you are, racing costs money. Big money for the most part. Now, I don't know what your budget is, and I don't know how you fund it. But, don't try to tell me (I won't speak for the entire community) that you're doing all this on just a smile. There's some dollars changing hands, and unless you've got a paying day job, bartering or borrowing, it's coming from somewhere else.

    Don't get me wrong, I think it's great to see. But, the old adage about making a small fortune from racing holds true. Even in vintage.

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    Perhaps you should do a write up about vintage racing on a budget? Leave all the F-anything out of it and write about what you know well. The rest, whatever dreams and racing you want to do, will come to you.
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    I know you guys are slagging him but I like the dude......

    I get where you all are coming from with the F-1 thing. It isn't going to happen. Period.

    However, the dude is leading a great life in my opinion. He has some great cars and is actually RACING on the weekends in a nice ride, in a competitive series and on some of the BEST tracks in the world. His pics on his site show him wearing interesting clothes and interacting with interesting people. While a few internet heros make fun of him, he is busy escorting hotties, winning awards, racing sweet cars, etc.

    He is a fan like us all. His dreams are big. Who cares? Sometimes people's intent to brand themselves as "Internet Police" finds them buried in the minutia of details rather than looking at the bigger picture.

    Casey, if you are out in Monterey for the Concorso, look me up. You seem like an interesting cat who would be welcome with my group anytime.
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    I think enough has been said as well. I wouldn't mind some more morsels from PhaseDance, but like I said before, I'm as interested in vintage race cars as anything on the modern cutting edge. I'm guilty as anyone on this board for giving Casey a hard time, and I think he's been a pretty good sport about it. I'd like to keep hearing more about the restoration processes and keep track of your progress with the car. Thanks for sticking it out, and I'm done being a critic.
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    Anthony Tonokaboni
    +1000 I was being sincere to Casey in my previous posts as well. Good luck to him.
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    Hello all,

    I simply want to say thank you to all those who gave kudos to the McKee/Lola. I enjoyed the car and was determined to finish it and have the car race in the Can-Am field. So your compliments meant a lot.

    One little point. If you look at the finishing sheet for the KIC race. There were 9 cars in my group. I finished third. While I was not satisfied with my position, the car did well for having brake trouble and was the highest finishing McKee chassis in the field. I was honored to drive with such great cars and drivers. That made my time very enjoyable and an honor to be part of the race.

    Thanks again guys, see you at the races.

    Casey Putsch
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    This is strait from the website and is his autobiography. Alleged A.K.A. "Bright Sized Light" and "Phase Dance".

    It also talks about Brian

    I want to suggest one thing to all of you. DON'T REPLY, DON'T COMMENT, AND JUST LEAVE THIS ONE ALONE. I show this because its only fair for everyone to know who these "critics" of my effort in racing are.

    The written words of Jack Baruth on ,

    All of these words, as well as many more which don't sound quite as nice in a headline, have been used to describe me. I was born in Brooklyn, New York more than thirty-six years ago, and moved to Ohio around the time Jimmy Carter was booted out of the White House.

    From 1984 to 2003 I competed in BMX racing around the Midwest, holding an NBL "A Pro" license from 1992 to the time of my retirement. Over the course of those nineteen years I broke approximately twenty different bones and was injured in all sorts of ways which would be entirely hilarious, had they happened to someone else. Between 1991 and 2004, I wrote approximately 480,000 words about BMX for Bicycles Today magazine and for my own website, BMX Basics. To put it in perspective, that's like writing Moby Dick - twice! I have trained dozens of BMX riders, many of whom have received Pro licenses in BMX and other cycling disciplines.

    In 2003 I began training with Brian to pursue a career in automobile racing. Since then, I have won a variety of automotive events, including a class win in the Cannonball One Lap of America and the overall victory in the 24 Hours of LeMons at Flat Rock Speedway. I finished on the podium in all seven of my wheel-to-wheel races this year, including the NASA Championships. After nearly fifteen years of training BMX racers, I resolved that I would never become a driving instructor - but I've been unable to stick to that. I'm now instructing at selected track events, helping novice track drivers explore their potential.

    I hadn't planned on becoming an automotive journalist, either - but who can resist the chance to drive other people's cars on racetracks around the world? In 2007 I began writing for SpeedSportLife, providing automotive reviews and a regular column, "Avoidable Contact". I've also worked with Jalopnik. In 2008, I will be racing around the country, both with my team, Green Baron Motorsports, and as a guest driver with a variety of race teams.

    As far as a personal life, I have enjoyed a rewarding career arguing with other people over the Internet and occasionally writing an unwanted UNIX program or two. I have been married since 1995; we are child-free but are under the constant tyranny of four cats rescued from local shelters and feral colonies. I collect Allen-Edmonds shoes, with over sixty pairs on my cedar racks, as well as vintage computers, BMX bicycles, high-end watches, Herman Miller furniture, Italian fashion, first-edition John Updike books, contemporaneous editions of eighteenth-century writers, random editions of Shakespeare, and a variety of other things which are interesting to me but surely boring to everyone else. I'm a "car guy" and I own two Volkswagen Phaetons and three Porsches. I am a graduate of Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, much to their dismay. That's about it!

    The main idea of a paragraph is often the first sentace. His "main idea" of the last paragraph says it all. : "As far as a personal life, I have enjoyed a rewarding career arguing with other people over the Internet and occasionally writing an unwanted UNIX program or two."

    Life is great.
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    Sorry, Casey. My mother always slapped my hand going in the cookie jar. Even after the warnings! :D

    I want to thank BSL or PD or JB or whoever it is for, without a doubt, some of the most entertaining posts on this board! :)

    They were SO funny that they transcended the subject and the motivation for them in the first place. ;)

    I still want to share a cheeseburger with b-mak.

    Peace, love, dove...
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    Need one of those little gadgets from Men in Black that wipes your memory. Zap us all back to before that cold day in February.
  13. PhaseDance

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    ohio and manhatan
    CASEY thank u for unvealing these pereptrators with ur reasearching. "STRAIT FROM THE WEBSITE" as u said and i agree it is strait from the website.

    i have done my own reasearching and as a result i am now prepared to show u the differenace between "A RACER WITH THAT CERTAIN FIRE IN HIS EYES" and these two peaple who have attempted to dentigrate him. for comparison purpoises i have also included kimi rakkionen who was previosuly considred the top f1 prospect in history. at the end we will taly up the points and detarmine who is "THE GREATEST IN HISTORY".

    #1. age

    casey: 26
    jack: 36 which is nine years too old to be groomed for f1
    b-mak: nobody knows
    kimi: 28. fyi this is 2 years more than casey. so the people who said casey is 2 old for f1 well this is a proved lie.

    #2. fitness proagram

    casey: comphrensive fitness from deidcated team at univesity of tiffin
    jack: bmx which is barly olympic sport
    b-mak: no
    kimi: fell off a yat from drunken ness.

    #3. wins in vitnage racing

    casey: most of them
    jack: has "seven poidums in seven races". yet an examition of ur mylaps pages shows that NONE WERE VITANGE.
    b-mak: my inofrmation says he tryed to win a vitnage races in 1990s but it turns out the CARS WERE 2 NEW TO B VITNAGE AND SO WINS DO NOT COUNT!
    kimi: not as many as casey

    #4. number of gt40 replcas

    casey: 1
    jack: 0
    b-mak: 0
    kimi: 3 so this is the first quesiton where he beats casey. i also feel it will be the last.

    #5. groomed for career in f1?

    casey: yes
    jack: no
    b-mak: no grooming of any kind
    kimi: yes but not with involvement of maijor sponsors

    #6: escorts models? consours 'd ellegiance?

    casey: yes to all
    jack: has paid prostitouts for sex at "bunny ranch midnite" according to his website on a page which he took down after his internet saw me reaserching
    b-mak: 2 fat for either
    kimi: models yes but where is concourse?

    #7: just as likely to be driving belly tank speadster or a pontiac bonnevill?

    casey: of course
    jack: cannot afford bonnevill
    b-mak: in candia they caled the bonnevill the "parisanne" so no. but he has a large belly so one half point.
    kimi: mayb.

    #8: solo ii racing?

    casey: many years.
    jack: only in topeka kansas which is far away from everywear else adn does not count
    b-mak: he is an autocross chapion so one point.
    kimi: was once the best autocros in the finlandia until arriveal of casey

    #9: enjoys slot cars?

    casey: yes
    jack: yes
    b-mak: yes
    kimi: yes. this is a tie.

    #10 has website wear he is lookign at a torch with concearned look on face?

    casey: yes
    jack: no
    b-mak: his website redircts to "tim hoartons"
    kimi: not any more

    toatl points:

    casey: 100
    jack: 12
    b-mak: is fat
    kimi: 97

    as u can see casey narrowely beats kimi for best racer. this is why he is groomed for f1.

    i must ask that everbyody respect CASEYs wishes and not poast any more. thank u. but first a poem which i have written. it is called "GROOMED FOR F1"




    there are some racers who have "the fire in theyre eyes"
    groomed for f1 it cannot be denied
    they commonly have theyre own concourse d ellegiance
    so u haterz need to get off CASEYs peanis

  14. Senna3xWC

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    Nov 30, 2006
    I stand by my earlier prediction that Putsch will end up in white slavery at a gay brothel in Eastern Europe before he goes to F3...
  15. ProCoach

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    Oh, d@mn. Tears in my eyes again, coffee through the nose and all that! Awesome!
  16. Gilles27

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    Holy crap! Casey--please tell me you don't have some sort of "Jekyll/Hyde" alter ego that sneaks out of bed in the middle of the night, drinks a fifth of Jim Beam and types with his toes!?
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    Casey, Casey, Casey.

    I'm so happy you want the world to know these things. Remember, though, that life is not fair and, in fact, it's not up to you to decide to 'out' me or not. It's you, again, who is here on f-chat promoting your so-called F1 career. I just happen to be the one representing the voice of reason and applying a magnifying glass to your racing career. It would be a different story if I were here promoting my career, my racing team, my business, etc., but I'm not.

    What's really funny is that I invited you to the track this past weekend and you didn't show. If you had bothered to drive those few miles, you would now have lots of evidence to point out to the world that you're a far better racing driver than I am.
  18. GuyIncognito

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    Definitely some form of dissociative identity disorder....sometimes a vintage racer, sometimes a fashion model escort, sometimes a future F1 driver. Somewhere between Dr. Jekyll and Walter Mitty.
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    Better than the Presidential debates......:D
  20. Fast_ian

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    Ian Anderson
    +1 [Way, way better and definitely more entertaining.....]

    I think I've gotta agree with Gilles27 - There's some kind of Jekyll & Hyde thing going on here - Some posts are (almost :D) intelligent and coherent. Then there are others......

  21. shahedc

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    Washington DC
    Not to nitpick, but it never hurts your credibility to spell words correctly.

    Especially the word "sentence". :)

    now, carry on...

  22. ProCoach

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    And "strait." ;)
  23. Senna3xWC

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    Nov 30, 2006
    ROFL :D
  24. SpeedPak

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    Oct 10, 2007
    As the team owner of the car b-mak was driving(trying), I have to say that I was wrong. I should have gone with my first instinct and hired a real 'hotshoe', one with 'fire in his eyes'. At least I wouldn't have to worry about getting the car repaired now. If he had truly come up from the soloii and vintage ladder, up to the top rung of club racing, he would have learned to respect the machine, as its part of the team! In the words of the great NFL tight end, Billy Mains; 'to finish first you must first finish'

    Its time for me to look at some driver resumes.
  25. PhaseDance

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    ohio and manhatan
    if u are truely looking for a driver with the "fire in his eyes" then u have come to the right place becuase this is wear CASEY is in fact posting under his aol screen internet of "chappederalman". this aol name refers to physical fitness with the mens exotic danecing "chappendales". by using theis name CASEY is bascially saying "after months of trains with the tiffin u. phsyical fitness team i have reached a situtaion wear im forutanate to have a world class factility with the right medecal profesionals in my own back yard".

    so heres the ting, the future looks VERY bright so if u would like to be part of the team and have your copmany represanted ina very positive way, do not hesitate to make contact. that is strait from the CASEY website.

    now hear is what i am thinking happened at ur race. correct me if i am wrong.

    speedpak: finally after many years pakistan has its own raceing team. now the world will know that we are not part of india any more. not sinec president clinton freed us. now we need a driver.

    b-mak: hello can u spare some change to help me go oot to tim hjortons

    speedpak: only if u are a raceing driver.

    b-mak: unfotuantely i am not. i have not earned the right to be called "RACEING DRIVER". for i have only raced in the "firey hawks" series.

    speedpak: is that vitnage

    b-mak: no.

    speedpak: is it formula one

    b-mak: no.

    speedpak: is it autocros.

    b-mak: yes it is like that.

    speedpak: are you a driver with many years of solo ii

    b-mak: i am afraid not. i am from candia land of world champion "jaques" villenoeuve.

    speedpak: frank wiliams said he made "heavy wether" of winning the 1997 indy 500

    b-mak: still he is the best we ever had

    speedpak: perhaps u and i can combine our second-rate countrys of candia and pakstian to make a race team

    b-mak: do not worry i will not wreck ur car i am almost ready for svra


    speedpak: wtf u have wreacked my car

    b-mak: it is not my fault i was inspierd by this video:

    speedpak: wut video

    b-mak: this one (

    speedpak: u idiot that is CASEY. the best evar.

    kimi: thats right.

    b-mak and speedpak: kimi raikonan!

    kimi: yes. it is me. kimi. i was in the specator grandstand and i came here to punch b-mak in the fcukin mouth

    b-mak: why

    kimi: u wreacked because u were eating a donut

    b-mak: shhh dont tell speedpak

    speedpak: dont tell me wut

    kimi: u desearve to know the truth. there is one drivar who could help u win. CASEY. but u will never hire him.

    speedpak: why is it becaese we r too poor

    kimi: no it is becasue he is been groomed for f1

    speedpak: then we have arrived too late

    kimi: yes. by 2 morro he will be in modena testing.

    speedpak: then paksitan will never win the champoinship

    kimi: no. unless u hire NUR ALI. he is the paksitan CASEY. but withut the fire in his eyes.

    speedpak: it is CASEY or nothing.

    kimi: then u have arrived too late.

    casey: i can see u from my helichopter down there.

    kimi: hello casey!

    casey: hello feleap!

    kimi: no it is me kimi. u remembar. u beat me in vitnage formula ford.

    casey: yes. u were a valiant in defeat.

    kimi: can i ride in the helichopter

    casey: no.


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