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    Jacob Smith
    Some beautiful rides above I can only wish to get to drive one of these in my time
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    Jan 23, 2014
    very cool
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    Ron Hetherington
    I really like the old photos Jerry. I an curious about the "Dr. Roth" Brescia. These are photos of SN 1035. I am not aware of a Dr Roth ever having owned the car. Once it was rescued by Sherwood Restorations in the UK I believe that the only owner in the US was Bob Sutherland until his passing in 1999. I'm curious because I spent several thousand happy miles behind the wheel. Here I am at a very soggy Watkins Glenn in 2007. Image Unavailable, Please Login
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    The picture of the Brescia was contained in a photograph album that I purchased on eBay.

    The album is titled "An Album of Bugattis by Robert Hammel."

    The two photographs of the Brescia are only identified as "Dr. Roth T. 13 Brescia."

    The photographs in the album appear to be in the 1960's. However, the two Brescia photos appear to have been taken at a different location than the other cars pictured in the album.

    There is also a reference to "Dr. Milton Roth with a Type 13" in the book I referred to in reply #25 above.

    I wish I had more information for you.

    I was at the vintage races at Watkins Glen in 2014. Great place and terrific cars.

    I also got to sit in Peter Giddings' Alfa Romeo Tipo C 8C-35 while I was there. That was special.

    Image Unavailable, Please Login


    PS: That is a great photo of you. Looks like you are enjoying the ride regardless of the weather.
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    Thanks for the great pics.

    Those really were the days...
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    bump only. thanks.

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