Bob Bardolia in South Africa

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    Wow this thread is insane..... another point that makes sense was using the port in Beira before 1975 when Mozambique gained independence...... shortly after the borders were closed as the country became communist. My dad was born in Beira .... and I was born in Lourenco Marques... aka Maputo now (it sounded much nicer when I was born) :D Sorry I cannot contribute to this thread.... but Beira doesn’t pop up very often. Cool thread.
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    I remember this car in around Cape Town, also recall seeing it in the process of restoration. Ironically at one stage it was owned by a gentleman in Cape Town who could have been Enzo Ferrari's double. Made for quite a sight!
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    That must have been Paul Joffa; he owned the car at that time (between Bob Bardolia and the 3rd owner who is a US Ferrari dealer). I understand that among other occupations, Mr. Joffa is/was a schoolteacher. Thanks for contributing - I like the image of an Enzo-look alike cruising around in my car!

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