Athlete's most expensive homes....

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    Shaq's house in Windermere (that one pictured) is not 70,000 sqft. The mainhouse built in 1991 is just under 23,000 and indoor basektball court is 6,000 that was added in 2001 and also airconditioned. So it's 29k under A/C and there's another 7k that's not living area. So basically half of what's quoted in that article.

    Also, he bought it from a local well-known business owner that has several stores along International Drive (Khan Nur Ullah). Supposedly he had financial difficulty at the time and had to unload the property. That guy went to build a similarly-sized home on the same chain of lakes farther south a few years back.

    Shaquille O'neal - tribunedigital-orlandosentinel

    Edit: That pic of Derek Jeter's house doesn't do it justice. I used to see that place every now and then when I worked at Tampa General Hospital (same small island that house is on). I know the family that lives next door to him (you can see their house in the pic)...their place is large and Derek's is absolutely massive.

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