Anybody know about this repair/service shop in Modena, Italy?

Discussion in 'Europe' started by ttn27, Aug 14, 2013.

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    I was wondering anybody from Italy know about this repair/service shop in Italy:
    "Autofficina Gozzoli in Modena Italy"

    The reason is that this shop did a complete engine, clutch and gearbox rebuilt on the 1972/73 Dino 246 GTS #04474 at 48000 miles. This car was on ebay last year offered for sale by F40 Motorsports and currently up for sale again. I am trying to find out the history of this dino (thread already posted in the 206/246 section) but I was not able to find much information on this car. This was a USA spec car originally brown metallic but now red. The car apparently needs some cosmetic work when it was on sale last May 2012.

    The question I have currently is how good is the above shop in Modena that did the full engine rebuilt on this car. It is unclear why the car had the engine rebuilt in Italy.
    I appreciate any information regarding the above repair shop (i.e. how good is it, has anybody use this shop for repair/engine rebuilt of their cars, etc...) or any information on this dino.

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    There's a website that suggests they might be in Maranello not Modena itself and that they do camshafts in particular for the Dino engine - all of which suggests its possible the rebuild might have just used their parts and/or they have m,ay have good expereience just from their location

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