Anybody else had enough of Brian Crall?

Discussion in 'Boxers/TR/M' started by qwazipsycho, Jun 6, 2017.

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  1. wrxmike

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    Agree with this 100%

  2. Streetsurfer

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    Not going to comment about the way Brian answers some people, as I don't know the man.

    Rifledriver could very well be a man of substantial caliber.

    I will say thanks to him for sharing what he does and helping when he chooses.
  3. swift53

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    The issue is not how much someone knows. It is the delivery.

    Einstein was infinitely (as in the 'infinite') smarter than Mr.Crall, yet, he was extremely polite.

    I do not know Mr. Crall personally, but he does not know politeness, or for that matter education.
    If he considers a question that is not up to the standards of his so called brilliant brain, instead of ignoring it, he loves to make you feel very bad. He is a bully and a boor!

    Definitely has anger and superiority / inferiority issues, should go see a psychiatrist and be put on massive dosage of tranks.

    Regards, Alberto
  4. dm_n_stuff

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    Read some of his correspondence, and some of his lectures. He was a disconnected elitist, who had very little time for anyone who wasn't willing to pay him for his point of view. He felt honest work was beneath him, and that he should be paid for pure intellectual pursuits.

    A particularly stunning letter is the one he sent to a student at Princeton who sent him a note welcoming him and looking forward to his lectures. His curt reply, "I'm not here for lectures, I'm here to do research. It's unlikely we'll ever have any interaction."

    He was, as is often the case with folks who are that brilliant, socially inept in most situations.

  5. TheMayor

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    I think Rifledriver is laughing his azz off having someone compare him to Einstein!

  6. Martin308GTB

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    Martin N.
    I think, basically there are two different groups of folks here.
    The first, to which I belong, are those for whom wrenching on our Ferraris is part of the joy. From time to time we run into problems or are not sure how to proceed. Then we hope to get help on FChat from others who already suceeded in the job.
    Luckily there are a lot of experienced pros and home-mechanics, who offer their help in a friendly or polite way.
    Happened to me a lot of times here. Though being a mechanical engineer in the injection moulding design business since more than 20 years I'm often not sure how to proceed on my Ferrari (or Alfa, for which I use a different forum. AlfaBB )
    I already mentioned it several times. I believe, without FChat I would probably have gotten rid of the car years ago.
    Then there is the other group. Those, who are not interested in wrenching at all. These are probably impressed by Brian's comments and enjoy the sarcasm and his special kind of humour.
    I find him funny too. But he rarely helped me with my jobs on my 308. But often unsettled me by questioning other FChatter's hints.

    Like said. He's sometimes funny. But helpful? Not so. At least not for us, who do our own work on our cars. And not even for me with some technical background.

    Best from Germany
  7. Juan-Manuel Fantango

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    I'm voting for this explanation. He's an expert marksman. And a damn good man. Ask the FCA national prez who's in the picture with him and anyone else whose spent time with him. A mans man like they use to be. Snowflakes melt away in his path.
  8. PT 328

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    I don't get it. Someone is actually is hurt by something they read on a chat site.
  9. Aircon

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    I'm hurt that you don't think that people on the internet have feelings too :)
  10. Sfumato

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    Angus Podgorney
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    209 posts over weeks. Same upset few saying same thing. One slows, another pops up.
    Grow. The. ****. Up.
    Move. On.
    Use. Ignore.
    What a bunch of entitled whiners. Soak your tampons in vodka and go away.

    "There's not enough alcohol or therapy in the world to undo that"- Sterling Archer
    "Entitled is the new black"- Jana
  11. Texas Forever

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    Apr 28, 2003
    Snicker. :)
  12. tuttebenne

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    Tru dat. The wisest and most knowledgeable Ferrari techs don't bother with FChat.
  13. MisterT

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    Simon Taylor
    This post is now in the top-10 with total number of replies to date. Rifledriver must be a popular chap. :)
  14. UConn Husky

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    Agreed with most above, disagreeing with the OP....I put more credibility on Brian's posts than most I read on FChat. Yes we all recognize that he sometimes has a, well, unique delivery we'll call it :) I think it's actually good to have some personality, keeps life interesting :)

    As for Ricambi, Daniel has always been a huge help when I needed something. He's always the first place I go for parts.
  15. ylshih

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    This site allows and even encourages "bottoms-up moderation". That means feedback to a user that some other users may feel have some objectionable behaviors.

    The permissibility of that feedback usually ends when the feedback becomes an attack. On the other hand rifledriver is an outspoken contributor who doesn't mind calling things as he sees them and he appears perfectly capable of taking care of himself. So somewhat stronger feedback than would typically be allowed has been permitted on this thread.

    So here are some observations:

    - Some of the complainers are holding long-time grudges against rifledriver, they appear reliably and repetitively in any complaint thread against rifledriver. Sometimes hypocritically preceding their whine with a disclaimer about how they really appreciate Brian, but a long time ago, which they've almost forgotten, Brian told them to ...

    These users need to get over their grudge.

    - Some of the complainers are demanding more courtesy and respect, at the same time that their whine is itself discourteous and disrespectful. They may feel that they are only responding in kind, but if you analyze rifledriver's past comments, he feels the same way.

    BTW "peniswrinkle" is actually a new term for me and it's novelty made it more amusing then outrageous, but that novelty has worn off and any future use to another user will result in a ban.

    - This is not to say that rifledriver is being given a pass for all of his postings. We appreciate his contributions and have encouraged him to tone down his postings, which he has. That being said, rifledriver has been given bans in the past for some of his more blunt posts, but there haven't been any for a while that have warranted such.

    Remember that, for the most part, the moderation of his posts is between him and the site moderators. If you want to call a post to a moderator's attention, report the post using the /!\ (exclamation point in a red triangle) feature in the upper right corner of each post. You may or may not see action, but that doesn't mean an action hasn't been taken.

    - Otherwise, if you don't like a user's posts, then learn to ignore them and move on. Despite snide comments belittling rifledriver for not coming back, I'm pretty sure he's a big boy and has just moved on to better threads.

    - The ignore feature is the main and recommended recourse for users who just can't stand another user's posts, for whatever reason, and can't contain themselves if they do see such a post. Complaints that it's not perfect will be ignored. It isn't perfect, but it's all that exists and users are expected to be adult enough to be able to deal with an imperfect feature and other imperfect users.

    Thread closed.

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