Any Le Mans Drivers/Owners on F-Chat?

Discussion in 'Other Racing' started by wax, Dec 20, 2005.

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    Sad. I write a repsectul, thought out response, trying to contribute in a positive way from "the other side" and you counter with a picture of pacifier. I bet you your coworkers love you.

    I really think you just embarrassed your friends.
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    My co-workers have to love me--I own the company!

    Look, Mike, I play race car driver, too, but I don't bull$hit about my accomplishments.

    The conspicuous absence of a response by the subject in this matter makes it look like this individual was complicit in perpetuating the lies, mistruths, or whatever you'd like to call them today.

    There isn't another side, in my opinion.
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    If this place is full of noise, as you purport, then why put up with it?
    So basically you think it is perfectly acceptable and forgivable to be around people who, in person, seem like great people but, when push comes to shove, they perpetuate pure fiction to the rest of the world(profiting from it) while hiding it from those who they surround themselves with?
    Ok, think about the people Bill Clinton deceived during the Monica scandal. Should they think it's OK to be left in the dark about the truth(effectively being fooled themselves)?

    A lot of people here actually value his posts. More so than those who think it detracts. Also, does anyone force you to read them?

    I can understand how it can rub you the wrong way. But think about the fact that when people interject humor it isn't always going to please everyone. You seem close to Roland, so it's obviously more likely that you will be much more sensitive to this situation than others. But if you take a step outside of it and look at it from the perspective that hundreds of others have I am sure you can understand how Roland's actions leave a very sour taste in their mouth.
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    I was going to put this in the Rocky Mountain section but after your last post there, I'll do it here. I should have posted this there this morning in my other post but as I was running out the door, I was trying to be quick.

    I don't think that this is a classless thing by Darth. The guy's going to say how he feels, no more or no less. While you may not care about this whole mess with Roland, many people here do. Just because they are reacting to something that appears to be true (and Roland has not publicly come on here to set the record straight and/or apologize) then people are going to feel how they want to feel. While I think that you feel that by standing up for Roland, you're doing the "right thing" but by putting Darth down for how he (and many others) genuinely feels, you're negating any goodwill that you may be generating.

    I have spoken to Roland on the phone since this whole thing started. My friendship with him has nothing to do with his racing career (alleged or real) and as a result, Roland is more or less the same Roland to me. However, I can understand fully why some people feel the way that they do and far be it for me to dictate to them how they should or should not feel. And, FWIW, in my conversation with Roland, I told him that if May people here like him for who he is as a person (because that's the only way we know him) and if he came back on here and apoogized, this would all be water under the bridge with the very vast majority of Fchatters in no time.
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    Cheers to that.
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    Not to hijack this thread, but nope, it was an older guy, short wiry little guy with glasses and a slightly gravelly, high pitched voice.

    this is killin' me.

    end hijack.

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    Sorry for my typo riddled post - I was in a hurry. Clearly, I meant to say: I told him that many people here like him for who he is as a person...
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    You're welcome to your opinion (obviously), and had you posted the above quote the first time, I don't think you would have quite received the negative reaction you did.

    I know the other people who responded to you are Darth's friends (although their points are absolutely valid, nonetheless), but for the record, I don't know Darth at all, and have had almost nothing to do with him on F-Chat. My only participation and opinions expressed here are based purely on how I see it, coupled with my intense dislike of BS and deception. You don't need to be Darth's friend to see this the way his friends do...
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    Feb 27, 2005
    I won Indy in 1997
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    Hey Mr Dee Jay....
    Did you win in 1990 as well, or was it the Allstate race?
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    His first one was in 1990....miller lite car.
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    #337 CMY, Feb 5, 2006
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    Would you care to point out exactly where you are in this '97 team photo?
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  13. b-mak

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    Yeah, I got it. Understood what you meant.

    And that's all it should be--not perpetuating the untruths...
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    Thanks again Kram, Too bad your exploits and writings are overshadowed by " quibbles about whom has killed whom"
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    CT.. AKA Pimp Daddy
    Ok, I’m tired of covering my eyes whenever I see someone attempting to speak on Roland’s behalf.

    I have spoken to Roland several times regarding this thread and the whole Lemans thing. It blows my mind how others claim to be his close friend and not provide some explanation for his absence or news of his condition. I have no interest in defending Roland or his business associates, many of whom I have little to no respect for seeing as they allowed me and others to be mislead into believing Roland was something he wasn’t.

    The purpose of this post is to simply share information about Roland’s past involvement with Lemans. I made many assumptions regarding Roland and his history. I promoted him as a Lemans winner as did many other “Sponsors” but I did this based upon what I saw and heard here on F-Chat and from him and his associates! I had no reason to doubt his status until a series of questionable events after the Rampage and ultimately this thread. Because of a lack of competent explanations given by some very incompetent individuals I began corresponding with Roland to see just WTF was going on.

    The following is an account of Rolands History provided to me, by him, during conversations we had over the past several weeks on the phone and through E-mail.

    Ooh and Roland is very aware of my posting this information. We spoke on the phone regarding my intent to set the record straight with F-Chat regarding his absence and questionable history. He has read this post (I sent it to him via E-mail before posting it here) and agrees to its accuracy.

    Roland started his career as a mechanic in 67 for a driving racing school in Zolder working on F3/F junior and V, for instructors and drivers such as Pilette.
    From there, Roland went to JP Gaban Porsche till the late 70’s In those days, according to Roland, there were no permanent tracks to test, so most of the tests were done on the open road and Roland was responsible for many of the maintenance and testing requirements for the car. This same car was used for road racing, rally and hill climbs too. This required many changes to the car and most of the time the responsibility fell on Roland to test those changes day or night.

    In 68- 69, the team won the GT class at Le Mans and the 24 hrs of Spa. With the help of the factory. Roland would do many trips back and forth to the factory to get new parts etc, to ready the car for upcoming races. The team had no trailers in those days to transport the car, so it was Roland’s responsibility to drive it on the road to each track before a competition and back home after. Roland was also responsible for a portion of the maintenance which was often done in a local barn or hotel parking lot often using a VW bus for running parts and as their primary source of transport.

    In 72, Roland drove the car (group 5) again to Le Mans and tells a great story of how he got stuck on the freeway with no lights and had to follow rigs to stay on the road during the night. “You had to be on time for the “pesage”.Le Mans was good and bad with 4 dnf. We had amazing cars there, from the 904 to the 934, some experience !”
    Roland went on to share many of his stories about the tricks his team and many others used to pass inspection in order to race. He continues to share these stories during BBQ’s and club presentations.

    After 73 the team focused on road rally racing, with the support of a major tobacco sponsorship. Roland kept working but was already racing on his own in the bike endurance Euro Championship.

    Late 79, Roland came to America and went back to Formula (Van Diemen/Lola/Ralt). Teaching, managing and driving for others and winning in many different cars( GT2/996 Cup/Can Am/GTP) achievements that gave him plenty of satisfaction.

    Today Roland is recovering from a surgery he had to his shoulder. This was required after a nasty crash about two years ago. Unfortunately things did not go as planned. Roland is now facing the reality that he may never be able to drive again and for someone who shares an automotive passion equal to or greater than many of us, having to face the fact that you may never be able to race or even drive again for the rest of your life has taxed him greatly, not only physically but also emotionally. So why hasn’t Roland responded to this thread? Clearly Roland has been on F-chat is capable of typing and speaking on the phone quite well. He has told me that he is reserving his strength to deal with the reality of his situation, his career is at an end, he does not have the emotional fortitude to discuss and explain the whole “Lemans winner” situation here on F-chat, but he admits its his mistake and regrets it very much.

    So there is a bit of Roland’s history. Those who asked for clarification, I being one, were 100% justified in doing so and It is unfortunate that it took this long to learn the truth! We were all misled to believe Roland was a two time Lemans winner and Roland is very aware of the consequences he faces related to these “claims” or as others in his camp may say “misinterpretations.” But the truth is he was not a two-time Lemans winner and never even piloted a car during a Lemans competition, but, as detailed above, at least he does have a history linking him to Lemans and racing. Thank gawd for that! The last thing I wanted to see was another Gentry or even worse a “Linderfication” thread.

    Again, this is not an attempt by me to defend or justify any of Roland’s actions or those of his business associates! I wanted to hear the story directly from him and not some idiot claiming to be his best friend. Thank you Roland for Firing your PR department and letting me set the record straight!

    ooh Last sec add... this is an E-mail from Roland regarding his Racing record..

    "Hi, I got a call about a post doubting about my racing achievements? I would like to give you a short list of my achievements done in the US ?"

    You don’t get a Pro SCCA license in the mail !

    SCCA CSR championship (team mgr)

    Won in Nostalgia racing series in a Can AM McLaren

    Won 4 times the SCCA 4 hours enduro in a Porsche GT2 and GT1 and ITE ( 1 year, won the GT1 and GT2 driving both cars )

    GT3 class in Lime Rock .

    GT2 championship (team mgr/builder)

    5th Vintage enduro with the F40LM
  16. JoTeC

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    Joe Hullett
    Roland certainly has an impressive resume... Best wishes to his recovery.
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    Great post Pimp.

    The funny thing is, at the end of the day this man (Roland) still has a great past and race history. If he and his "associates" stuck with the true story the whole time he would still have great respect. Not a "2 time leMans winner" but still a great history nonetheless.

    It's sad to see this has happened. Roland should just come on here and appologise and he will retain alot of respect and we can continue here on f-chat and this great thread (The original thread).

    Just my .02

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    Been there, done that.....before your post. ;)
  19. wax

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    Dirty Harry
    Roland - Thank you so much for sharing a glimpse into your history. I had no idea a simple query would open the floodgates, and for them to open when you couldn't swim must have added a great weight to your already burdened shoulders. While I truly hope you are able to return to form, you have been a lion, not a lamb, so you can rest easy no matter the outcome.

    Pimp - Thank you so much for providing this valuable insight on Roland's behalf.

    With the surprising dearth of information available on the web, every driver worth his salt should put together an expansive Curriculum Vitae of their own, and find a place on the web for it. A legacy, even one in the making, must be preserved.
  20. Alex_V

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    Thank you VERY much for that explanation Pimp, that will settle a lot of arguments that people who didnt know everything about the situation (myself included) were having!

    So sad that Roland may never drive "fast" again, best wishes in his recovery!
  21. xku807

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    I have to say I admire you for this post Wax. Beautifully said and full of compassion. I hope Roland recovers his health and with the truth out, his former standing in this forum.


    Aug 20, 2001
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    Jon K.
    Not to be a smart a$$ but that's exactly how I got my SCCA Pro License :)
  23. Stackhouse

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    CT.. AKA Pimp Daddy

    Just so it is clear, those were Rolands words not mine.

    "You don’t get a Pro SCCA license in the mail !"
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    Heir Butt
    I am gonna guess it was a mail order referrence then a literal statment.
  25. sherpa23

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    Okay, I have to chime in here. This will be my first and last post on the subject.

    What Roland is facing with his shoulder is very tough and will be very challenging but to say that he may never drive again is quite defeatist. Roland knows how I feel about this: a positive attitude will go a long way to help the healing. Roland's shoulder will get better. The human body knows how to heal. He just has to think positively and know that in time, things will function again.

    I faced a very similar prospect in 2002 and I never once doubted my abilities to get better, regardless of what the doctors said. I made an excellent recovery, better than expected, well ahead of schedule. Had I given in to thoughts that things would never improve, I know that they would not have.

    Roland's shoulder will eventually get better and everyone that talks about it or posts about it needs to understand that while the subsequent surgeries and rehab are difficult, improvement will come. There is no need to say that he will not or may not be able to drive again.

    Regardless of how anyone feels about the whole LM thing, Roland is still Roland and we all want him to get better. For him to get on here and read that he may not be able to drive again will only reinforce that negative outcome. I, for one, know firsthand that he can recover quite well from this.

    And PD, it was stated earlier on Fchat and in this thread about what he's going through with his shoulder. I don't think that his close friends really cared to reiterate it throughout. And, to be clear, while I am friends with Roland and enjoy talking to him, I would not say that I speak with him enough or see him enough to be a "close friend," and I definitely don't feel any real need to defend him on him for the mere sake of it. I think that everyone will make their own decisions regarding Roland and everyone has the right to how they feel. My own feeling is that I've never held Roland, his career, his car, etc. in any special light beyond our basic friendship and mutual love of cars (and isn't that why so many of us are friends in real life, anyway?) so there wasn't really anything to change after this whole thing came out. Roland is still the same Roland that I know. I also know that an apology by Roland to the Fchat community would go a long way but everyone's still going to have to make their own peace with the matter.

    And when that happens, I hope that we can all go back to giving each other the same old good-natured crap in our own brotherly ways.

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