Any experience with Ferrari matte colors?

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  1. samtau

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    Sep 2, 2010
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    Dear friends, stop all discussions, the matte silver is the hottest colour for the F 12! I have seen it several times on a F1, it's gorgeous. I Also like Rosso Fuoco, it is beautiful for the
    F12. The only thing that shocks me is the price in Germany of app. 31.000.-€!! Unbelievable!

    I have matte silver, same like matte aluminium on my Merc S65 AMG since 2010 and I can tell you it's always looking awesome. There is no problem with it, just wash it without wax or other chemicals. Use Water and regular soap, that's enough. You'll have problems like with any other colour mainly in front from little stones but that's normal. If something happens you need someone that knows to paint. I am sure your Ferrari dealer knows someone..

    I have very good experience with matte silver, the question is are you ready to spend that amount only on this colour? If so it's a great decision.

    Ferrari is right, they create a hype for cars and they know that people will spend much money on their products. Do u think the carbon options are "inexpensive"??
    They take as much as they can....

    If you can effort it, then go and enjoy life....
  2. genji

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    Mar 5, 2008
    if someone were to wrap a car to get a similar effect, what wrap would be most similar?

    I've ordered samples from 3m and they have a matte gray aluminum which looks similar. are there other wrap materials available that are a closer match to this color?
  3. Cleva

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    May 20, 2011
    Can't anyone tell me the official name of the Matt f12 in the post above posted by need4spd?
  4. Cleva

    Cleva Karting
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    May 20, 2011
    Can't anyone tell me the official name of the Matt f12 in the post above posted by need4spd?
  5. MaseratiCorse

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    I am quite sure it is: "Argento Nurbürgring opaco".
  6. DavidJames1

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    I first saw the F12 at the factory just after it had been launched- the one there was the matte aluminium - absolutely stunning so I could see why you'd want one. Reading earlier in the thread that the matte effect is achieved with the clear coat, I was wondering if simply covering your car with a good protective film would get rid of the potential issues from tree sap, etc. I wrap my cars totally to prevent stone chips etc. but I'm not sure if doing so would change the look of the matte effect?
  7. f12tm

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    Numerous months ago I chose to order an F12 in a matt finish…. I also had recently taken delivery of a new BMW in Frozen Bronze Metallic…. great color I loved the finish and was really thought the F12 would looked great in a matt finish… unfortunately a fellow backed into my BMW left side rear door… had to replace the door and then match the paint.. without trying to explain the effort, my paint shop who had been to classes regarding matt paint finishes had a very difficult time… 27 panels later a choice was made…as a result of this I immediately changed my F12 order back to a standard finish… a paint chip, scratch or any other blemish can not be just polished out…. I agree with the matt wrap comments… and the wrap doesn't cost $32k… I'm just saying….
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    With my experience, I personally would go with a glossy finish car, and spend the 4-8k and do a satin clear bra over the color (such as satin XPEL) to achieve the same/similar look without taking the risk and narrowing the resale market down.

    I recently purchased a new daily (2016 RS7) and ordered in the factory Matte Daytona Grey and wrapped it completely in satin XPEL to protect the paint, and realized i should have saved the extra $$ we paid Audi and just did the satin clear bra from the factory.

    Just my.02 cents...
  9. Liquid Assets

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    I would get a nice regular color from the factory than go to the aftermarket wraps for a nice matte metallic silver wrap for about 3-4k. Maintaining a wrap is a lot easier as well.
  10. Condor Man

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    Sorry for the delay as you did ask me on my thread.

    The car I saw in Monaco was Advertised as Aluminium Opaco.
  11. Cleva

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    May 20, 2011
    thanks condor man, I am considering it
  12. Abraham A

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    Feb 15, 2020
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    Abraham Achar
    Hi does any one know of the opaco paints from Ferrari factory are more like matte finish from 3m or Avery or closer to satin finish?
    I’ve never seen one in person .

  13. Il Co-Pilota

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    Closer to satin finish. But still pretty flat. Opacio paint definitely has more depth and clarity than satin wrap. Seeing two cars side by side, one in gloss GS wrapped with matte foil to make it look Opacio, and the other in actual GS Opacio the difference is huge - not a fan. In that case I would probably wrap using a coloured satin foil, rather than the clear matte foil.

    Be aware that Opacio is not for a car you plan to drive a lot or track often. And if you plan to wrap it for protection, then you will get a better result wrapping satin clear wrap on gloss than wrapping satin wrap on Opacio. The latter looks like some kind of thick plastic have been laid on top of the car - it looks terrible.

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  14. Abraham A

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    Feb 15, 2020
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    Abraham Achar
    Thank you very much.

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