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Discussion in 'Other Italian' started by F1tommy, Oct 29, 2017.

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    Actually what has killed Maserati sales are no new products. That will also hurt Alfa in the next few years unless they get the Tonale and updated Giulia/SUV on dealer floors next year some time. They have forced most of the large old Ferrari dealers to sell off Maserati already.
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    not at all, the Levante was new in 2017 and Alfa had new critically acclaimed Giulia in 2017 and Stelvio in 2018. The issue is no one needs a Maserati, Alfa or any car in that price range, they want one. When buying an upscale car the customer expects to be treated accordingly not like they are purchasing a Dodge. There is nothing wrong with the product, it doesn’t need the latest gee wiz tech that takes away from the driving experience. It needs to be reliable and when something does go wrong a competent dealership to repair quickly and correctly. Cars like MB, BMWs need the latest techno driver aids because they are so boring to drive.
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