Alex Zanardi seriously injured in handbike racing accident

Discussion in 'Other Racing' started by pilotoCS, Jun 19, 2020.

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    Already too late for the former but we can still pray for the latter.
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    Nov 3, 2012
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    Joe R Gonzales
    Alex Zanardi does ok with his thumb and looks at his wife: the third life after the accident

    The recovery of sensory functions
    See, see. Feel, feel. Not to speak yet because they keep the hole in his trachea as a precaution but soon they could close that too, as they already did with the skull after repairing it piece by piece. And the brain inside it, returned to safety, has begun to weave the connections again, to recover one by one the wonderful functions it is capable of. In short, Alessandro Zanardi is alive , and fighting like only him . As for the face, her beautiful pointed face with blue eyes is back as before, more than before.

    Recordman of resurrections
    The impossible feat is becoming possible . Finding the forces who knows where, going to fish in abysses unknown to us humans, Sandrino da Bologna, pilot profession, world record holder of resurrections, is slowly climbing the second Everest that suddenly appeared in front of him, and this is one of the little good news of a very bad year. His first Everest is already legend. Not only did he come out alive from an accident that literally cut him in two , legs on one side and the rest of his body on the other, during a car race in Germany (it was 2001, he was 35), but he even became stronger and more champion. throwing himself like a madman into the world of handbikes, bicycles to push with arms. Four Olympic golds and two silver medals, a string of titles, a fame as a living monument to never giving up, the intention to give oneself another challenge, Tokyo 2021, the first Games after the virus. At 54 and pass.

    Face to face with death
    Then the crash of his head that shatters in the impact with a truck on a road in the Sienese countryside, on June 19 of this unfortunate Ventiventi , during a stage of a kind of tour of Italy on two wheels, something in the charity and the desire to take a little joy for a walk after infamous months. The second haunted mountain awaits him behind a blind curve, as cursed and unpredictable as the first. And like the first, she puts it face to face with death.

    His third life
    This time he is done for, fairy tales do not grant an encore. First responders shake their heads. But the heart still beats, his wife Daniela throws herself over her Alex as if to prevent the soul from running away. "Stay here, stay awake, it's me, look at me, look at me." She manages to keep him conscious, despite the agony of finding him, once again, scarred by fate. But it is precisely from that moment, from the overflowing force of a love that prevents nothing from sucking him in, that Zanardi leaves for his third life. Few are hoping for it in those hours, tanned as it is, much more there than here. But the first night passes, then the second, the third. The son Niccolò placed a photo of his hand over his father's motionless white hand : «He is a tiger. He will make it ».

    Infection and recovery
    And the tiger, once again, for the second time, does everything to not disappoint him, not to deny him. Like the heroes of children's comics who get up after each terrible blow, Zanardi engages with destiny another ferocious and invisible battle. He does not even give up when, after the otherworldly efforts of the first months, an infection brings him back to the starting box. You slide on the wall and find yourself exhausted at the beginning of the climb. Other operations, other hospitals, the San Raffaele in Milan which reassembles the puzzle of a low-cut man with infinite patience and skill.

    Daniela's strength
    And above every cure, above every surgeon, on top of the wave of popular affection that penetrating from under the intensive care rooms caresses the exhausted body of everyone's champion, behind every desperate relapse and every imperceptible progress, there is a woman , Daniela, Manni Daniela in Zanardi , who married her Sandrino in 1996 and for 24 years, in good and terrible fate, remarries him every day.

    The common passions
    You will not find an interview of her, a posed photo, a guest on television. She is there for him and for their Niccolò, silent, indefatigable, unapproachable not out of arrogance but out of modesty. Once they said to her: "What a beautiful husband you have found yourself!" And she: «Very true, but he went better». They met on the Formula 3 tracks. Daniela was manager of a team, very competitive, the races followed by the wall. Sandrino, someone who hitched cars to walls rather than giving up on overtaking. Same blood, same passions, similar characters, great love. It is thanks to Daniela that Zanardi was born for the second time, after the German tragedy of the Lausitzring. It is thanks to Daniela that Zanardi is on track to get to the starting blocks of his third life. He never gives up, she never gives up him. Together, there is no Everest to discourage them, however sharp. The first question that Mrs. Daniela asked the doctors after the last crash was not "what will become of him, how will he remain if he survives, what future is he facing?". No, the first and final question was: “Can we save him? And then do whatever you have to do ».
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    Jul 28, 2008
    Gave me a tear. Forza! Forza! Alessandro! Sei un Leone!
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  6. lorenzobandini

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    Excellent. 'Prayers for continued recovery.
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    I still have fond memories of watching him make that pass at Laguna Seca for the win and watching the frustration yet exciting in car camera from the Daytona 24 race.
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    Great news about Alex. Horrible Google translation though.
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    Jul 28, 2008
    Bravo Bravo ! Forza Alessandro!
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    Jul 28, 2008
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