AC Not working - think I need a new fuse box

Discussion in 'Boxers/TR/M' started by Loudoun_Prime, Aug 12, 2020.

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    Dec 14, 2018
    Looking for parts NLA
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    From GTCP:

    “Our board is also upgraded with higher capacity 2oz copper traces for high-amperage circuits such as fuel pumps and fans. Modern manufacturing processes allow our boards to have 8 internal layers within the same thickness as the original 5 loose-leaf layers. This gives us the ability to design boards with wider traces and route high current circuits through separate layers with less “crowding” from other circuits. This reduces heat build-up in the board and relays, which is one of the major contributors to failure of the factory boards.”
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    I don't agree with this statement at all. Brass does not get harder when its heated up and cooled slowly. In fact, heating brass and cooling it slowly is how you anneal it. There is no way to harden brass other than to mechanically form it.
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    Depensadie Seraphin

    This picture says it all, no?!...if you dont change those female connectors, your problem will stay, no matter what upgrade you did to that board.
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    When you do the DH fuse box you cut the wires going to those female connectors and they get moved to a secondary fuse panel that Dave Helms attaches to your existing box isolating the high draw currents. If you do the DH box you do not have to change those female connectors or the white plugs. Hopefully they did not burn onto the adjacent terminals. If that happens then you need to change some female connectors and at that point maybe change the white connector plug. Dave will also check the panels behind the box to make sure everything is intact. I have an earlier fuse box upgrade from Helms when he started doing them and again its been rock solid. I did the install myself. Soldered the wires I cut and used quality shrink tube. The new box he does has a much better fit. Dave always took feedback from guys that purchased and installed - updated and modified based on our feedback to make it easier to fit and install down to the actual length of the wires. My car/previous car is so reliable - it has everything Dave Helms was offering with exception of silicone hoses which if I still had the car would be installed. Fuse box, gold kit, ignition wires is the trifecta. Been saying it for years and sometimes falls on deaf ears. I was one of the test mules for the gold kit back when it was being offered. Dave took all of our feedback even down to the tools. We supplied detail notes to him on install and was pretty much on the phone with him everyday discussing the install and our feedback. Spasso was also a test mules. I do not remember who the 3rd was. The idea was to take a perfect unmolested car (Spasso) and a car (my car) that was molested by years of mechanics putting their hands on her and compare results. It was an amazing experience . My TR now owned by Bradwilliams is still running strong with 48,000 miles on her with not a issue in sight (knock on wood) - lol.. Is it expensive ? Probably - but the R&D that went into the products was crazy and warrants the price. Ask anybody that drove my car - she was different. Jim Magee Pocono Sportscar was my mechanic - ask him. My car was one of a kind and she had a messed up history to boot. Still miss her.

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    Micheal Jordan
    And then you get something like this for $$$$
    Image Unavailable, Please Login
    and the same OEM board with the crappy layers.
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    Jul 10, 2020
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    Doug Magee
    Ok - so finally finished. Sent the board off to GTCP and got it back within a week, installed yesterday and tested this morning. I used three new plastic connectors and new metal clips from GTCP. Replaced all of the five melted clips. Apparently I didn't completely insert one of the fuel pump clips into the white connector, so shortly after my test drive, I lost power in half the engine. But the AC worked again!!! Got home, pulled the clip from the connector, reattached the wire and plugged it all back together and now everything works! Had a good discussion with the Ross at GTCP and was very interested in all the detail he shared about how the new board was assembled. Should last longer than just 30 years this time. Maybe the metal clips will go bad first and someone will design a better version of them :) The board was super easy to remove. The hardest part was the way I had to bend over the fender to work on everything and then stripping the wires and attaching the five new clips to the wires. I didn't think it was a good idea to sit in the spare tire well as I had seen in another post in Australia - I was afraid to push a hole thru the lower panel. I had to source a good crimp tool too from Amazon. Fun project, and I really appreciate the advice from everyone, especially Steve. Also, big thanks to GTCP for the great product!!

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