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    At the age of 13, at his mother's side, Onofrio Triarsi left Sicily, Italy, in pursuit of the American Dream. Always very mechanical and bred with a love for Italian automakers, Onofrio soon started working at a New York body shop.**Hard work and dedication to his passions paid off.**In the early 1970s, young Onofrio purchased a small piece of property in Elizabeth, New Jersey with a rickety, three-car wooden garage.**His dream was up and running.**It was here that Onofrio started doing the high-end automotive restoration and fabrication that would become renown for its quality; celebrated because of Onofrio’s own fascination with the minutiae of this highly skilled work. Onofrio Triarsi’s*Classic Coach*soon became the only authorized Ferrari body repair facility in North America.**So trusted was Triarsi by the famed Prancing Horse, that he was granted permission to transport and work on cars in the legendary Maranello Factory before returning them to their owners in the U.S.
    Building on his success and reputation, Onofrio founded Ferrari of Central Florida in 1999 and Ferrari of Tampa Bay in 2008.* And to this day, Onofrio is hands-on at all three locations. Owning two of the 39 official Ferrari dealerships in the U.S., Onofrio decided to expand his Ferrari family further by founding an authorized dealer racing team and entering the Ferrari 458 Challenge Series, immediately winning back-to-back championships in 2012 and 2013.

    Onofrio’s unmatched Ferrari expertise coupled with his decade-long experience restoring one-of-a-kind, multi-million dollar automobiles make for an easy choice when selecting a Ferrari dealer. The success and notoriety of his life’s work is a testament to his dedication to the Ferrari brand.**His is a passion that spans a lifetime, a passion that our customers recognize and that undoubtedly, sets Ferrari of Tampa Bay and Ferrari of Central Florida apart from the rest.* *
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    Known Onofrio for over a decade. He is one of the finest craftsman and business person, I've ever known. What a wonderful success story for anyone that has a dream - its all about hard honest work, persistence, while following your passion.
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    He is one of the nicest and welcoming person i have ever met. I love going to his shop in NJ, it's like going to a mini Pebble Beach concours.
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    Onofrio is a true gentleman. The first time you meet him he welcomes you with a smile and of course an expresso. Such a simple touch but much appreciated. I only had some minor work performed on my car but he treats everyone on an even scale. I went up to the Ferrari challenge in Toronto and he invited me into the pit with him and his family. His son is an amazing driver who wins pretty much every time he races. A great American story.
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    Raymond Agcaoili
    Having work for Onofrio both with Ferrari Central Florida and Lamborghini Bergen County, he is the best employer I've worked for. To this day seeing him in different events or gathering he is so welcoming. A real gentleman.
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    I first met Mr Triarsi when I ordered my 458. He could not have been more gracious. That evening he took my son and I out to dinner, he treated us like old friends or family. I have since ordered an F12 and have sent several customers to the Tampa Bay dealership to buy cars. Best car buying experience I've ever had.
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    This sounds like what a Ferrari store should be in the vein of the long gone FAF HOTLANTA
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    Bob Callahan
    I know him and his wife and son from the challange series. He would always insist that myself and my guest eat lunch at this transporter. I like him and his whole family a lot!

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    Nice to read such good things about a ferrari dealer.
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    I have become a regular customer of his with a few cars in his place at any one time.

    When I see this man, I realize that he has built his successful businesses from hard work and perseverance that remains relentless even today. Yet simultaneously, I see a man that breaks from his duties to run his businesses at any chance he can get to be found at his shop in lab coat working manually on his true passion, restoring the cars he loves.

    He is truly one of the most Gracious and Honest men I have ever had the pleasure with which to do business. I feel honored whenever he spends time with me, and he has never ceased to both guide, nurture and assist my endeavors, even initially before he was familiar with me or my person.

    I have travelled through many circles of car people in dealings and at events; customers, restorers, dealers and aficionados etc. across the country, and I've never run across even one person that could say anything even remotely negative about this man or any of businesses. It's always words of praise.

    His fundamental morality & principles are of the highest caliber that you just don't see anymore in today's day and age. And these principles trickle down through the ranks to his employees and the work ethic in his shop.

    The most friendly, helpful, honest, caring and hardworking staff you can imagine, and they all love him with a fondness with which I too have grown to share.

    I can't say enough Good things about this man or the businesses he has established.

    If you ever get a chance to have the experience of having your car worked under his roof, consider yourself fortunate and blessed. And not only by him, but by Ferrari as well as his facilities are authorized.

    The entire Ferrari experience is a function of the experience you have in owning these cars. The passion and expertise and care that Onofrio and his staff transcend will cause you to immerse yourself ever deeper in Ferrari culture and in the rewards of this hobby that truly bring you the ideals in Happiness you imagine in owning cars of this treasured and storied marque. This man builds earnest relationships.

    His establishment is SO capable, from sheet metal fabrication, to leather to paint to mechanical- and with friendship always. I encourage anyone to visit...
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