A recession inevitable due to COVID-19?

Discussion in 'Other Off Topic Forum' started by Dilusha, Mar 9, 2020.

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    Bill Tracy
    I find it incredulous that the public is screaming for this dumb stimulus bill to pass. they want to get a check for $1,200. Don't they realize the money will have to be paid back (with interest) through taxation? Assuming there are 100 million working Americans that pay taxes, the average tax bill will be $20,000. I think people should have paid attention during math and civics classes. Glad I am about to retire, but sad for my kids that they are being further burdened by this stupid government.
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    Are you talking of the current new Stimulus Care bill?
    My understanding is it is directed towards small businesses to support their payroll, rent etc. which could be huge for businesses ....

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    Bill Tracy
    Yes, I am talking about the current $2 trillion stimulus. The people that will pay it all back are the taxpayers. Considering there are about 100 million tax paying workers in the United States, out works out to about $20,000 per person. If businesses are supposed to pay it back, they will simply tack it on to the costs passed on to the taxpayers again (plus profit), so in that case, the cost to the average worker is going to be a bit over $20k.
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    These things never get "paid back". The Fed will just create the money out of thin air. This will inflate hard assets like stocks and real estate, but will dilute the value of cash savings. The people holding cash are going to take the hit.
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    +1 yep that is exactly what will happen. QE programs cause asset price inflation. Bubble reflating.
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    - it is not 2, it's 6 trillion countings the money the fed is spending buying 'stuff'. 6 trillion.
    - It will never, ever in a billion trillion years be paid back.
    - negative rates happened today.
    - the fed will never stop QE, stimulus or whatever you want to call. They can't.
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    Time to go back to work...... 3rd world countries are laughing at us now....... toughen up, suck it up..... get back to work.....

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