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    Pricing update?
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    With people confined at home because of the virus and the economy almost stopped, Europe's car market is now freeze. Recently I had a look at the 812's SF and F12's B offered at Mobile and below I compiled a table with the number of cars for sale in the different price ranges.
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    As mentioned in many countries in Europe there are no possible transactions currently, so it would not make sense to offer new cars for sale nor to adjust prices.
    What will be interesting to monitor is how the market will evolve when activity resumes (some weeks / months from now); I guess initially there will be no movement (no price adjustments, resulting in no sales) and after a while there will be a new balance.
    For most cars the trend was already downwards before the virus and lockdowns, so my guess is that we'll see some significant slides.
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    Its only been a few weeks so the dealers aren't going to give anything away just yet. If this lasts for months or a year or so that's another story. I dont see much if anything changing in the short term.
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    Sure keep your money on the bank...and see what money is worth after this crisis....with governments creating a heap of new dough...

    Currently plenty of good deals in the market and best cars are certainly still selling... Also note, best cars go to existing customers. Last 3 cars I bought, actually I got before even advertised.

    Sure I will loose money on them, but it may in fact be less vs investing in stock market or devaluation of money on bank accounts. It actually makes sense to buy and own a Ferrari and pay premium for it...
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    I have also had these thoughts but it depends entirely on how long this lasts as to how valuable a car will be. With mobility being constrained, cars are a lot less useful. Right now the dollar is the currency in demand because of so much dollar denominated debt in the world. If that a lot gets defaulted the the dollar is not as valuable.
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