512tr compression/leak down testing?

Discussion in 'Boxers/TR/M' started by gregklanderman, Feb 5, 2020.

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    This is why I rarely bother on Ferrarichat these days and most likely why the forum is getting quieter... great technical information but too much of this unnecessary rubbish which is off putting. ***sigh***
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    40 minutes to lift and perform a through inspection? Must be some inspection. It probably takes that to properly lift a car and get the wheels off, let alone the trays and to actually inspect anything. The last comprehensive PPI I had done on a car was 6 hours and I was at the shop to see what was done. Maybe you could half-ass look at a car in 40 minutes, but my PPI came with a comprehensive write up, photos, issues, quotes for repairs or suggestions for maintenance, etc. So in that regard Brian is absolutely correct in observing why so many ****ty cars are sold when these “2 hour” inspections are being done.

    You also slag off Brian by insinuating he is expensive/overpriced which is absurd. People hire qualified techs to to quality inspections. If it were a money grab for him wouldn’t you think he’d push a leak-down and a compression test rather than saying one wasn’t necessary in all instances?!

    Lastly, your persistence of posting attacks makes you look like a ******. It’s keyboard warrior behavior. Why not step back from that approach and post as-if you were face to face with any of the posters you’ve responded to, and as-if you weren’t looking to loose teeth over your statements. The discussion my prove more fruitful with that approach.
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    My core point is that an extensive research (like a leakdown test) is overkill on a 100k car. It tells you nothing of value in a ppi and serves only to pad a bill. A cursory 2-3 hrs will knock 99% of the ‘not so good’ cars out of the running.

    Like your suggestion of ‘pulling the wheels’.... why? To check for a cheap pair of pads? So what? Do that on three potential cars and you’ve paid for a new set of pads! You can adequately inspect for a warped rotor as you drive. You can adequately check for a scored rotor on the lift with the wheels on.

    It is impractical to truly check the expensive ‘problem areas’ on these cars - diff, gears, belts etc require a tear down to inspect.

    ...and yes - asking your client to do a leakdown and a compression test is padding the bill. Ditto for pulling the wheels. As you note - Rifledriver apparently does not typically recommend this on a TR. Personally, for a 100k car I think a comp test has merit.

    As to photos... not my cup of tea. I prefer a thorough checklist. “Lots” is not a checklist.

    I’d love to discuss a ppi on the basis of facts... but challenging ‘credibility’ and then impugning a person on that basis is truly a childish attempt to hide ignorance. Declaring “Lots” with condescending words and direct name calling is an equally childish attempt to hide.

    So then - does anybody want to talk ppi on a civil basis? I am game. Always have been.

    Here - I’ll start by providing a factual checklist I used in my 360 Spider search. I suggest that this forum slice and dice it up in this thread and add to it based on a Testarossa. Lets talk facts... rather than BS and insults.

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    Joe, couldn't have said it better. 6 hours is around the time on any of my PPI requests as well. Agree with every word of this post.

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