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Discussion in '458 Italia/488/F8' started by ChadR, Jul 11, 2019.

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    In my view right now unless you can get a nonsalvage title car, choose another model. These cars are trading on CoPart over $100k. Smart rebuilders will tell you you need to be all in post repairs at around 60% of retail. Several people on YouTube have done this so do your research, bid low and wait for the right opportunity
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    Those cars are worth much more when parted out. I agree with all the other comments to spend a little more and get a complete car with no hassles.
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    I would approach a car like this with a price based on what I could sell the remaining parts for, and a little extra for my trouble. if it’s rebuild able at a reasonable price, that’s a bonus. but at least my ass is covered.
    That looks like a big accident...a lot of cars are written off for minimal damage, but this isn’t one of them.
    What’s a 458 motor, trans, ecu’s, interior etc worth?
    I suppose the vin itself is worth something to a car thief hahaha

    Imo 458s are in the bitter spot of being a rapidly depreciating car with little collectible potential that still has high parts/repair costs, so not a good candidate for a rebuild.
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    Chad, I'd mentioned this car elsewhere, but will use it as an example. 2010 Italia, got hit left front by a Camry, maybe 20-25MPH accident.

    It's probably in better condition now than factory. 100% stripped glass out paint, and black roof added, and lots of money put into this car. The owner's thinking $130K, which, may be realistic, but now you've gotta explain to the NEXT person, why it is what it is. It's probably worth that, but it takes the right person to take a stab.

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    Holy smokes

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    The sum of the parts and labor is far greater then the price of the car

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    Remember, engine is in the back ;)
    So a lot of expensive parts back there.
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    Look at autotrader and you will find 5 cars for under $140,000. Based on a previous comment about $100,000 to repair does it make sense to buy this car?
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    This guy should be sponsored by Dramamine with that amount of shaky camera work.
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    The price of these cars depends on how much you can get out of parting them out and on a part out these tend to have every nut and bolt for sale . Being in the business it would never be financially feasible to rebuild this unless you had the parts readily available and had the means to not pay for labor I. E. you own a body shop. Even then it would be a serious stretch due to the fact you would have a salvage title and if anything went wrong or it had hidden damage you would be done. The parts prices are a little higher than a Ford Focus . LOL !!
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    In my mind the only real reason for a regular person to realistically buy any exotic salvage car is for a project car or a track only car. The project aspect defined in my mind as you get in (the car) relatively cheap and build it over a period of time for enjoyment reguardless of cost or time involved for your own personal use.

    Of course the only car to really be considered is a pure sale car from an insurance company or know someone that had one totaled and have them find out the buy back value and buy it that way. Most Copart exotics are from individuals or companies that “dress” up the car to flip for more. Your going to be bidding against auto recyclers and now a bunch of average how’s trying to replicate the YouTube builders that are on this exotic car rebuild kick.

    You are never going to get into the car any cheaper then buying a no stories clean title car, and you will never get near what you have in it back. There are very few exceptions, there have been people that have gained relatively cheap entry into exotics because a heck of a deal came along at the right time, but it’s very unlikely.
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