430 Scuds that don’t sell for years

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    On BAT with "history"
    Chassis: ZFFKW64A690166647

    RUFstr 97
    I owned this very Scud for about nine years. I bought it second-hand from Miller Motor Cars in Greenwich, NY, with about 200 miles on it. The current owner at the time owned it for one month when a new 599 he also ordered came in too early and couldn’t keep both; therefore, I bought this car on the spot in the fall of 2009. I traded in my 2007 F430 towards it. It was a great car and one of my favorites. But life goes on, and I decided to sell it because I wasn’t using it. I have a very detailed understanding of its history from my ownership, including the information of the third buyer where all the trouble began. During MY ownership, I once scrapped a curb while making a turn too-wide in my neighborhood where they just installed these stupid square granite curbs and whoops, damaged the wheel, and scratched the lower front bumper surround directly in front of the wheel. Miller Motor Cars replaced the wheel and replaced the clear front bra after firstly repairing the scratch. It was minor.

    The real damage to this Scud occurred after my ownership and is not on CarFax because it was never reported as an accident because the third owner did not insure the car when he hit a guard rail.

    Luckily, no other cars were involved in the accident, and no police officer ever passed the accident scene. He ended up paying cash to a non-Ferrari repair facility where, again, it was never reported to CarFax. I have a complete understanding of the third owner’s accident. If the seller wants to contact me, I am happy to explain it in detail with pictures. It is a great car and deserves a good home, but transparency is essential to all of us on BAT."
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    Yah..watching that one myself.
    Can't always trust the Car Fax...after seeing this one.
    Took them a few days to actually post the pics of the damage.
    Before that, I dont think it was known that there even was damage, tho I could be mistaken (it happens).

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    up to 150k thanks.
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    EXACTLY!! and reserve not met! seller shoulda took da money and ran!!
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    WOW, $153k and did not sell, most likely it was shill bidders and the seller was hoping for real money to jump in and that did not happen.
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    $153k (plus $5k buy fee) so $158k all in for a previously crashed car is insane considering the flawless cars on the market with sellers primed to negotiate in today’s market. If it wasn’t a shill it was all the money and the seller will regret not taking it.
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