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    Jul 25, 2019
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    Stefano Caretti
    Hello all,

    As previously stated, as this registry still does not yet reside on a web site, I will continue to post updates here at and have it on google at .

    Again, the registry’s overall objective is to one day possess information on all known Ferrari 365 GT 2+2. Its sole purpose is to be a reference for those who either possess these cars or are interested in its history.

    To date, I have only reported cars whose VIN I validated through for sale ads, chat postings or owner’s information that was provided to me. On this revision, the total number of VINs has grown from 169 to a total of 323. Of this total, 110 of these represent cars that were (or still are) for sale over the past 10 years or so. Naturally, on these cars, a good amount of information is available (which I am hoping to publish with the registry once a site is up and running). Of course, it would be fantastic if each car on the registry had substantial information in its file (but that is not the case).

    I welcome any and all input on any 365 GT 2+2. If you wish the list to be updated, if there are errors and/or omissions, please provide the required information to me via email to, with the heading: "Ferrari 365 GT 2+2 update".

    The ideal, ultimate objective is to identify all models ever produced (running or not, existing or not). Naturally, it’s a lofty goal…I believe appropriate considering we are talking about a real Enzo’s era Ferrari!



    Explanation of Registry Data
    The information on the registry is based on picture(s) observations or description of the car available from statements made about the car. Thus, empty fields signify that I did not have either any picture to review or could not find any description of car. While good information is available from Raab’s, Ferrari Serial Numbers Part I, at this stage, I have not opted to cross reference the two.

    Registry Fields

    · Chassis = Serial number of car

    · Exterior color = existing current color of car

    · Interior color = existing current color of leather seats of car

    · License Plate = license plate

    · Km/miles = mileage either from picture or description

    · Wheels = Campagnolo, Borrani, 5 Star Ferrari Cromodora

    · Version = European, Right Hand Drive (RHD)or USA (US version). At the moment, conversions, automatic or ? not being called out

    · Where = Presumed location of car based on information available

    Please note that I have removed the year. Both for sale ads or other available information seems to contradict a production year criteria, so I am at a bit of a loss at the moment.

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    One correction: 12327 is now silver (argento), and is no longer red. Argento was it's original color.

    Did you start with the listing from Raab's book?
  3. Napoli365

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    Jul 25, 2019
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    Stefano Caretti

    thank you. I have updated the registry and next time I publish it the corrected information should be reflected.

    I did not initially start with Raab, only because part of the exercise is identifying/finding the cars that are still around (the list is still very incomplete). However, I am now checking those i find against Raab to see if he lists them, and, so far he is (as was to be expected) 100% accurate.

    Is the new gray the original grigio metallizato? Lastly, would love to get a picture or two of the car as it looks today. You may also opt to send them to my email at


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    Oct 28, 2010
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    Hi Stefano
    It is 13877.
    I will load some pictures.

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