250GT PF desirability and future investment

Discussion in 'Vintage Ferrari Market' started by zvdxb, Nov 2, 2016.

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    I wish that were the case! The car sat on jackstands for over 35 years so it will need everything gone over and the paint and interior and suspension are pretty tired. Even things like the engine which has 0 miles and was completely rebuilt by Cunningham in 1980 we tore open recently and while it looks brand new inside we still will have to replace all rubber seals etc. This car is one of the rarest in that it has a few series 1 features like the Houdaille dampers but it has disc brakes and a 5-speed and has the outside plug engine of the series 2 cars.

    If the car was a bit "better preserved" it be a good candidate for preservation rather than restoration.
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    Thanks for clarification.

    If nothing else, I hope you can take time and effort carefully & extensively photo-document any and all potentially original details before and during disassembly of any area or component, especially those that may still be untouched since the car left the factory.

    Too often, even in this day & age, I see many newly acquired but previously unrestored vintage cars, including some featured even on this website by enthusiastic new owner(s), taken apart for "refreshing" or restoration without much consideration affored to documentation of original details prior to inadvertent erasing and/or destruction of them.
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    John Wiley
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    Hear, hear. Just look up what haopened to the "ILZRO" Lambo Miura.
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    That boat sailed 20 years ago.
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    I adore my PF Coupe. The 250 engine is the heart and soul of Ferrari - the engine that powered everything from daily drivers to MM competitors. The basic architecture survived all the way through the Daytona, but it became much more of a muscular engine and lost some of it's peaky/reviness along the way. There is something seductive to me about driving a street car - a clear GT - with the heart of a thoroughbred. It's an impossible combination to find in the modern era. If you love that concept, then you should buy a PF Coupe (or a PF Cab, or a GTE, or an Ellena/Boano, or a LWB steel Cal Spider...).
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    The pf coupe stands at an interesting juncture in the history of Ferrari, and sports cars in general. It's refined compared to many of its predecessors in the sports car realm, but also has a raw simplicity. The 250 engine sounds great, and is very flexible at GT cruising speeds. The interior is two leather seats, painted steel and chrome trip, wool carpet, wood steering wheel, and clean, well placed instrumentation. It's a fun car to drive, and really makes you focus on operating it as a machine. Plus is looks elegant. I think it is a fabulous car that should hold its value.
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    During 2005, I looked at two different eclectic F cars.

    A one-owner Boxer
    A restored maroon and tan 250PF coupe

    Both were priced at 75K.
    Unfortunately, I picked the faster car :).
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    Agree completely re the 250 series
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    I remember in 1978 when I bought my 330GT (series 2) for $12,500 I passed on one of these that I could have bought for $7,500, At the time these were the LEAST desirable Ferraris you could find anywhere. They were considered slow, dull, sober, and the most uninteresting of Ferraris. It is funny the way times, taste and interest change.

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