250 GTO?

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    Based on post #3: If someone having "read somewhere that someone had spoken to the owner and he said" qualifies as factual representation, then I trust you will believe that I am, in fact, Santa Claus. ;)

    It's just a recreation.
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    what it qualifies as is a quality that seems to be endemic w/ many owners of "recreations"; the penchant for representing the car to be something that it is not.
    I have heard the same tale about this owner; going on about a painting of the car racing in period as a GTO; the clear inference being that it is a real GTO which is not true.

    At the FCA National this year, there was a dark blue 250GTE that had been converted to a replica GTO. The owner was very upfront that it was a GTE; everyone I heard him speak to was was informed (or corrected) that it was a GTE chassis, and his placard never mentioned "GTO". If you are going to own a replica, don't lie about it.
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    george burgess
    Very well said.Now what we need is for some of you experts to post on the replica site a list of the replica GTOs.Only those on a real Ferrari chassis. I suppose that even if it is missing a few the blanks will get filled in good time. This list if done well should be head and shoulders above the recent publication about all the Ferraris fitted with "bow tie" engines.I have a file file on each of these sns with not much more than a passing reference to the engine change except to point out when a correct Ferrari engine was later installed.I think we can safely give a pass to Richie Ginther and his brief association with the "Bow Ties" for the Von Neuman's. tongascrew
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    If only I had the time, I would gladly compile a list from my files and post it. Unfortunately, I still owe on a promise to an esteemed colleague to compile a different list and haven't been able to free up enough time to make good on that promise. In due time...
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    Look at the proportions. Something does not look right; it seems like a modified 1993 Zagato based on a Ferrari..... :) You'll get it. :)
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    george burgess
    I don't know if you are still gainfully employed or not. All I can say is when I retired and later came back from living on a sail boat for 12 years what was I to do? I am now after the better part of 10 years on Ferrari Chat still here. It all started by being near the Thompson race track in the 1950s. This was the first SCCA track in New England. Many of the big names of the day brought their machines here to race.I was just a kid then.I wish I could go back in time. Anyhow I will be waiting for "In due Time" tongascrew

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