24 Heures du Mans 2017

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    I have certainly not forgotten that.

    I mentioned it on a thread in the F1 posts. Porsche is not only a consultant for several firms in the car industry, but also in the motorcycle industry, in the aero engine sector and even in defence industry.
    Most of this never get mentioned publicly because Porsche, like many contractors, has to abide by confidentiality clauses and cannot divulge its work.

    An example of Porsche work is the Street Rod engine on Harley Davidson. Porsche has also worked for Lycoming, the aero engine manufacturer.
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    24H Nürburgring
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    I hate (and I really hate) to think what I'm thinking now...

    But, might anyone recall the circumstances and positions of GTE Pro when Westbrook
    put (spun) the Ford GT into the gravel traps at Indianapolis on Saturday night?

    This incident, and the resulting extended yellow changed the entire complexion of the
    race. First, the lead Toyota suffered a clutch failure when the race went green again
    and was basically done.

    But, deeper down the field, what was happening in GTE Pro at the time? Seems to
    me the Fords were having it handed to them by Aston Martin, Porsche and Ferrari.

    The strategies all changed during this caution and threw the extremely close GTE Pro
    class into a game of musical chairs that went on for the duration of the race.

    With a four car entry, could Ganassi Ford have pulled a Briatore on us and intentionally
    affect the outcome?

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    With enough money you can buy the whole lottery.
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    'Could be.

    btw, did anyone else see the three bright lights just beyond Mulsanne Corner that hovered about a hunnerd feet off the ground then just darted away at breakneck speed leaving two short, large almond shape eyed marshalls behind....??? :confused:

    Seriously though, I believe anything can happen in this business...errrr...I mean sport...these days. :(
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