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Discussion in 'F1' started by tifosi12, Sep 11, 2020.

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    Thanks for that update. That's kinda what I thought.

    I don't want to probe on this any further as we could be drifting towards P&R. Just glad that it sounds like there will be spectators at the Monaco GP. Good for the race, good for the sport.
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    Yesterday at the Monte-Carlo Tennis Open, Benoit Paire who is known for his impulsive character said he was tired of playing in the middle of a cemetery. Everything is said ..
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    F1 announcement following UK government putting Turkey on its red list of countries: “We are aware of the announcement made by the UK government regarding travel restrictions for Turkey and are assessing the situation and will provide more details in the coming days.”

    Turkey going onto UK Covid red list, with compulsory and expensive hotel quarantine, is bad news for the recently confirmed GP. The usual exemptions given to returning team personnel (not media) won't apply. It's a question of how long F1 can wait to see if it drops off list

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