2009 Mercedes SL65 Black Series 1 of 175 in USA

Discussion in 'Cars' started by SupercarGuru, Feb 20, 2017.

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    GLWS, these cars have such presence in person with those flares, pictures never do it justice. Granted I'm a CLK Black Series owner myself so there's a little bias, but in my view these SL Blacks will go up with time, every car that has had wide flares or blistered style flares seem to go up in value with time, cars like late 80s M3's, Renault R5, 190E Evo II....etc.
  2. ExcelsiorZ

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    Probably true. What really hurts these cars, IMO, is an SL65 with nearly identical performance can now be had with low miles in the high $30k range.....and the interiors are nearly identical. Plus the SL65 has the party trick of a folding roof. Reviews of the black series speak of how harshly they ride. That and the fact that a Renntech SL65 is faster than a Black Series....and looks nearly identical under the hood and in the interior, surely can't be helping the Black Series sales market.

    That and the fact that there are probably more body kit cars than originals. Probably a bit like having a Cobra where people assume its a kitted car.
  3. tres55

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    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. :)

    You could get a 550 Spyder replica to run circles around an original one. That doesnt mean it will fetch the $4m+ at auction.

    This is a great long term buy IMO. Congrats to the new owner.
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    That's the first person that came to mind to me as well. Whoever the owner is, he/she is getting a hell of a car.
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    very nice wow
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    John Temerian
    Not BC! Ironically, a collector I have never heard of until he walked into our showroom. Very private.

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