2005 Ford GT - 104 Miles - White with Blue Stripes

Discussion in 'Cars' started by SupercarGuru, Mar 15, 2017.

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    For longterm holds, the market is still better than cars especially once you consider the cost to own a car after taxes, registration, insurance, storage, and maintenance. It only makes sense if you are one of the first to get an in-demand car and can flip it quickly. Holding onto them makes no sense as its capital sitting around doing nothing. Those two stocks were simple examples of what's better than the market and by no means what someone should put everything into (that's why I said ETF SPY instead).
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    Is this car still on the MSO?
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    The main problem with cars as investments is their lack of liquidity. I have owned some unique sports cars during my life and when it's time to sell it takes time, so you can be at a 20% differential on prices. OTOH, stocks can be sold in a split second for exactly what the market is at that moment in time.

    Cars are fun and I've sold all mine for more than I paid, but they have not been great investments. They have however been a joy to drive own and to walk away with more that I started with is not a bad thing. Better than buying a new Ferrari, Lambo, McLaren or most other high end cars for 350k and 4 years later getting 200K.

    I never bought a car as an investment.
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    He is a well known dealer/collector in Florida.

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    Bottom line is: He is making a lot of money.
    I just did the same thing with the same exact type car with 400 miles. More than doubling your money ain't a bad thing.
    Besides, A LOT of people lose money on "investments".
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    I get it and I appreciate your response. I just used those two stocks because you used those two stocks.

    Holding a car as an investment isn't "sitting around and doing nothing" anymore than buying a stock and holding it... or a piece of real estate (not rented... like land or a vacation home) Its the same thing. Sitting on it makes no difference. Its exactly the same. Hell you can even 1031 exchange in and out of certain automobiles now.

    Registration on vehicles can be minimized as can insurance and even storage.

    Often times I hear this stock market vs car argument its always heavily one sided

    Its all cars are like ferrari testarossas requiring 30k dollar services
    All cars costs thousands and thousands to insure per year
    All cars cost thousands to register

    When in reality you can purchase limited use policies which are so incredibly affordable its hard to believe a company is willing to take on the liability.
    Maintinence isn't very much... unless you have a testarossa lol
    Registration... cars don't have to be registered... or you can do a montana llc and register a car for 5 years for 75 dollars.

    Just like...

    Not every in the financial industry charges CRAZY fees and charges and even more maintenance fees etc...

    If you are good at either one... you know the ins and outs and it makes sense.

    Also, for many people especially the high end clientele... they have enough of there money in the market... they have enough real estate... so... the car thing works.

    There is no magic bullet. There is no short cut. You can lose your ass on both. You can do well on both.

    Honestly I think they are very close in risk and reward. I personally think the cars are a better reward... but I am a car guy and I do this day in and day out... so thats where my comfort level is and thats what leads to my bias. I know what I am doing. I don't know nearly as much about all the ins and out of the stock market etc... so I am less confident in it.

    Stick to what you know and you should be fine (this isn't a comment directed to you personally)
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    The car is 12 years old. Fluid change, lube, new tires and it's completely safe and drivable.

    I happened on a thread somewhere where some guy bought a 70 Z28 Camaro with 1,100 miles on it. It sat from 1973 up until he bought it a few years back. It basically needed new tires, fluid changes, a carb rebuild and it drove and ran fine.

    EDIT: found it

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