For Sale 2004 Brabus K8 Wagon - Mercedes E55 on Steroids!

Discussion in 'Other Cars' started by 1turbobrick, Nov 22, 2019.

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    Dale W
    The car is in Canada so no title. It was imported from Japan into Canada as a Mercedes E55. The problem is in 2004 neither Canada or the US got an E55 wagon. Both got an E500 which one could argue is significantly similar...V8 powered at least. The E55 wagon appeared in North America later in the W211's lifespan. At this point all we have is speculation as to whether the car could cross the border. I have my doubts. I did have a guy in NY State who was pretty confident he could get it across, but when it came time to send the money, it never arrived...
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    If it's originally from Japan, there is no way for it to be imported in the USA without going through the full federalisation route. Unfortunately that'll probably cost at least half of the asking price.
    I ran into the same problem with my 456 a few years ago, it could not be imported any other way than paying JK or another such firm close to 40k$. Have to wait for the 25 years.

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